Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield

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Cherishing each person’s call and each type of vocation as a gift from God, the Community of St. Joseph offers the space and time to discern one’s call and a pathway for each form of membership.

Members of the Community of St. Joseph welcome you to Monthly Reflection Days to meet and experience the community for social and reflective time. Members share what is in their hearts and on their minds as they find themselves living the mission in the realty of today’s world.

Community Circles are small groups comprised of members within the Community of St Joseph. They serve as a social and spiritual community of support for one another in living the charism well in today’s world.

To learn more about the Community of St. Joseph, community circles, reflection days or exploring a path toward membership of any form, contact: Natalie Cain, SSJ at or call 413-536-0853 X249

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