Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield

Become an Agrégée

The path of an Agrégée begins with a woman or a man who is integrally committed to the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph. They enter into an intentional commitment to live a simple lifestyle, to choose ministry in light of the mission of the Community of St. Joseph and to support one another in evolving this unique form of membership.

Agregee retreat

They commit themselves to living and growing the love of God in relationship with one another and the dear neighbor.

An Agrégée candidate is supported by a community circle, a mentor and the Agrégée community during a formation period of at least one year. This period provides time to become familiar with the stories, spirituality, mission and ministries of the Community of St. Joseph and to develop relationships with members. When one has discerned an authentic call to the agregee form of membership, she or he takes time in reflection and retreat to determine the elements of the commitment. Incorporation as an Agrégée member takes place in a formal commitment ritual in the presence of the Community of St. Joseph.

For more information about becoming an Agrégée contact:

Sr. Natalie Cain, Membership Coordinator
(413) 536-0853 ext. 249