Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield


Need to clear your mind, find inner peace or ‘center’ yourself? Try walking the stone labyrinth on the beautiful grounds of Mont Marie. 

A SEED project, the labyrinth is a single, circular path which can provide a powerful experience to anyone who walks it with respect. Often a religious experience, the labyrinth may also be used to solve a problem, face a truth about oneself, pray, heal, or celebrate. 

Individuals and groups who are not guests at Mont Marie may make an appointment to use the labyrinth by calling (413) 536-0853 ext. 293.

The Sisters of St. Joseph also have a portable labyrinth which can be brought to your school, church or other large space.

The 24-foot square portable labyrinth can be reserved by contacting:

Sr. Lorry Villemaire
(413) 532-6134


Labyrinth Books and DVD
Sr. Lorry is the author of two books about labyrinths, Labyrinth Reflections, and The Labyrinth An Educational Model for Transformation.

To purchase these books or a DVD about a program she developed at a jail, Pathway to Change: Jail Labyrinth Project, you may download and print out the labyrinth books and DVD order form.

You may find the labyrinth documentary, made available by Northampton Community TV on Youtube: 


These items may also be purchased online:


Pathway to Change: Jail Labyrinth Project DVD documents the six-year odyssey of a formal labyrinth program at the Hampshire County House of Correction in Northampton, Mass. This film highlights construction of an outdoor labyrinth within the secure perimeter of the jail. Interviews with facility staff, volunteers and incarcerated men who worked on the project are included, along with aerial views of the jail and surrounding community. 23 minutes, $15 (includes postage) 




A new book titled Labyrinth Reflections by Lorraine Villemaire and Cathy Rigali is now available. The initial section covers information about the labyrinth, its history, spirituality and purpose. What follows are over forty themes that merge into the fabric of one’s life. Among them are seasons of the year, the moon, universe, music, forgiveness, change, peace, compassion, time, doors, meditation, wisdom, healing, in memoriam, journal writing, clouds, and much more. Labyrinth walkers are encouraged to reflect on each theme from their own perspective. Although the book is invaluable to labyrinth facilitators, the themes can also be used for private meditation. A final chapter gives instructions on how to build a 7-circuit labyrinth. Colorful pictures highlight each theme. The book has 143 pages. Cost $20. Postage $5 in the US, $25 internationally.





The Labyrinth An Educational Model for Transformation by Lorraine Villemaire is a twelve-week curriculum program with the following themes: Introduction to the Labyrinth, Relaxation, Self-Esteem, Positive Thinking, Forgiveness, Inner Peace, The Labyrinth as a Path for Transformation, Moral Development, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Mindfulness and Meditation, Sarcasm, Humor and Laughter and Spirituality and Prayer. The program can be used in any program that fosters personal transformation. Each theme is integrated with a labyrinth walk. Participants are given an opportunity to listen to what is happening in their lives and reflect on how they may change attitudes and perspectives. 150 pages, $20 (plus $3 postage)