Support The Sisters

Dear Friends,

1st CommunionMany of us have rich memories of the Sisters of St. Joseph.  They welcomed us to the world of learning - whether they taught us penmanship or sportsmanship, prepared us for college or life, the Sisters were committed to raising socially responsible citizens.

The Sisters have always been responsible for supporting themselves financially.  The community has lived frugally, but because of their advanced age, the Sisters cannot sustain themselves through retirement without our help.

Please join us and Support the Sisters.

Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, Jr.
Cathedral High '57
John E. Foley
St. Thomas '79
Mike Messer
St. Joseph '76
Lil Quinn
St. Joseph High


Make a Donation

To make a multi-year pledge, or a gift of appreciated stock, please call Sister Mary Ferguson at 413-271-7575.

Sisters of St. Joseph Exceed Campaign Goal

It is with heartfelt thanks that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield announce that the ‘Support the Sisters’ fundraising campaign has reached and exceeded its $8 million goal.

Because of the generosity of thousands of donors and supporters, the Sisters will have a more secure future and will be able to continue living their mission well into their advanced years.

The campaign was launched by a committee of dedicated community leaders in 2014 after it became apparent that the congregation of about 200 Sisters needed to reduce its retirement shortfall. Donors, many of them served by the Sisters in schools, parishes, and many other ministries, responded by making generous contributions.

The Sisters of St. Joseph are extremely grateful to the committee, led by chairs John E. Foley and Michael J. Ashe, Jr., which worked tirelessly to raise the needed funds.

Sr. Joan Ryzewicz, President of the Congregation said, “We are humbled to know that so many people are concerned that our Community of St. Joseph is able to care for our Sisters with respect and dignity. Through the ongoing generosity of others, we will continue, in Mission and Ministry, to serve the dear neighbor with gentleness, peace and joy.”


Case Statement

For more than 130 years, the Sisters of St. Joseph have been a mainstay of Catholic education and community ministry in Western Massachusetts and throughout New England.  Much of their work was done for little or no pay and so the 200+ remaining Sisters face an uncertain future with inadequate retirement funds to care for their elderly and infirm members.  The need for additional support prompted the launch of the fundraising campaign by the Support the Sisters Campaign committee.

A detailed explanation of this need is contained in the case statement.

 Many retired Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield need some assistance with day-to-day activities and some require more advanced health care.  About 31% of the Sisters require nursing home care, assisted living, or services to live independently.  This video looks at how your contribution helps the Sisters to age in safety and comfort and with dignity.


John Foley, co-chair of the campaign, talks about his involvement with the Sisters of St. Joseph.


Learn more about the Support the Sisters campaign in this brief conversation with Sr. Maxyne Schneider, President of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield: 



The campaign is going well, having recently received a big boost thanks to a generous pledge from the Springfield Diocese. Read the complete story here: Springfield Diocese Pledges $1 Million to Support the Sisters Fundraising Campaign


We thank all of our benefactors who have made Support the Sisters such a successful endeavor. 

Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of this list.  Please let us know if we have unintentionally made an error regarding your gift.


DIAMOND--$250,000 & UP

Anonymous (2)
Robert & Roberta Bolduc
Diocese of Springfield
John & Danae Foley
Richard Mahoney

TITANIUM--$130,000 - $249,999

Larry & Nancy Bossidy
Denis & Nancy Gagnon
Frank & Nancy Hursey
Ed O'Leary
Mike & Joan Sobon
Brendan & Kerry Swords
Christopher & Anne White

PLATINUM--$50,000 - $129,999

Anonymous (2)
Joe Adams & Pat Habel
Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation
Richard Dooley
Joan & Bill Farrell
Marijean Lauzier & Jane Hiscock
Fr. Francis Manning*
MaryAnn Munger
Fr. Robert Randall
Stephen Riordan
Philip Ryan
The Salvon Family

GOLD--$25,000 - $49,999

Anonymous (8)
Mike & Barbara Ashe
Brennan Family Foundation
Douglas & Maureen Casella
Bartley Costello
Diocese of Worcester
Al & Carol Kasper
Dottie McCarthy
Kevin Newman
Mary Rose O'Connell
Charlie & Joan* Ryan
Frank & Marcia Shea
Jim & Diana Sherry
Paul Thomas
Brian & Pam Tuohey
Marjorie Van Houten
Gary & Margaret Wendlandt
Westfield Bank
Marceline Wildenhain

SILVER--$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (6)
Advance Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Mary Boland
Mary Jane Brisbane
Ted & Rosemary Brown
Paul & Connie Bueker
Bill Carris
John & Susan Casella
John Collins
Bill & Ruth Collins*
Lawrence Cooley
Peter Dion
Jack & Pat Egan
Donald Ferris
Frank & Joyce Fitzgerald
Tom & Eileen Foley
Marianne Foote
Carole O'Malley Gaunt
Paschal Gazzillo
Joseph & Barbara Giancola
Joe Gosselin Jr.
Mary Ellen Hogan
Mary Hurley
Kathleen & Robert Labun
Michele LaRouche
Bob & Kathleen Mahoney
Colin & Bridget McIntyre
Richard Polzello
Joan Roche
Mike & Judy Ryan
Paul & Jo Sears
Fr. Tom Shea
Bob & Joanne Sheehan
Kathy Spring
Matthew Storin
Margaret Superneau
Richard & Paula Tredeau
Universal Electric
Millie Zweir

BRONZE--$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (8)
Louis Allegrone
Frank Antonacci Foundation
Fr. Luke Austin
Dick Bassett
Berkshire County Deputy Sheriffs Assn.
Martin & Diane Berneche
Fr. Daniel Brunton
Wayne Budd
Theresa Buoniconti
Jamie Burns
Martin & Laura Caine
John & Catherine Callaghan
Charlie & Carol Casartello
Jim & Nancy Coughlin
Phyllis Coughlin
Dennis & Louise Croll
Michael & Nancy Delson
James & Donna DeMarco
John Discenza
Judy Discenza
Gerard Doherty
Paul Donahue
Joyce Donohue
John & Linda Dowd
Thomas & Annette Fallon
Fr. Edward Fitzgerald
Joseph & Marie Flahive
Mary Flahive
Fr. Daniel Foley
Lester & Carolyn Fontaine
Bill Frain
David Fucci
Donald & Marlene Gagne
Joe & Jill Gagne
Jim & Barbara Garvey
Global Partners
David & Gail Griffin
Connie Grippo
Ligia Guerin
Hampden County Deputy Sheriff's Assoc.
William Hart
David & Martha Healey
Marie Hedeen
John & Marie Hennessy
Betty Hukowicz
Ellen Hurley
Msgr. David Joyce
Dave & Chris Keaney
John Kearney
Bill Kelliher
Daniel Kelly
Marie Landry
John & Kathleen Lanoue
Francis Larkin
Msgr. Richard Lavalley
Bernard & Mary Lavelle
William & Nelsene Layden
Peter & Judith Lynch
Michael & Anne MacGregor
Mary Ann Maloney
Mary Collins Moynahan Foundation
Paul & Barbara McCarthy
Fr. John McDonagh
Daniel & Genevieve McLaughlin
Robert McLaughlin
Ed Miller
Matthew & Courtney Mnich
Eleanor Nield
Cliff & Ellen Noreen
Mary Ellen O'Connor
Melvin O'Leary
Joseph & Janice Peters
Robert Petricca
Oscar Plotkin
John & Donna Quallen
Barbara Queenin
Victor & Anne Ratkus
Mary Jo Ruppert
Wallace Sabotka
St. Germain Investment Mgmt.
F. Robert Salerno
Bill Sipos
Stanley Speer
Fr. Francis X. Sullivan*
Paul & Kathleen Sullivan
Michael Talbot
Bob & Karen Walsh
Jeffrey & Mary Walsh
Tim & Lin White
Martin Wright

ST. JOSEPH'S CIRCLE--$1,000 - $4,999

Gerald Adams
Joe & Pat Aiello
Edward Albonesi
 Marcel & Carol Archambault
James & Mary Archey
James Armstrong
Mary Ashe
David & Pauline Austin
Martha Baker
Patricia Baker
Baker Distributing Corp.
Bill & Kathy Baldasaro
Edward Barbeau
Kevin & Deirdre Barbeau
The Barec Charitable Fund
Dave & Donna Barkman
Kathleen Bartolini
Joseph Bartolomeo & Lydia Sarro
Norma Bassett
Gary Beaulieu
Randy & Donna Becker
Pat & Dan Bell
Sam & Mary Belluardo
Michael Bergeron
Peg Bermani
Donald & Barbara Bilyeu
Yvon & Rose Blais
Stacie Blake
Raymond & Maureen Boulanger
Carolyn & Robert Bourgeois
Maureen Bowler
Clifton & Darlene Boyle
Shaun Branon
Mary Breslen
Patricia Brewer
Paul & Kim Bruce
David Bryson
Neil Bryson
John Bueker
Kathryn Bueker
Katie & Tom Burdett
Dan Burke
Gerry & Eileen Burke
John Burke
Bill Burns
Maurice & Joan Bursey
Patrick Cahillane
Ann Cain
Alice Calabrese
Joan Camisa
Joseph & Mary Campbell
Ann Canning
Michael & Erin Carey
Lucy Cargill
George & Patricia Carpenter
Victor & Joan Carra
Francis Carroll
Edward & Christine Carter
Jim & Karen Casey
Richard & Susan Cetti
Patricia & Norm Chadwick
Garry Champine
James Chapdelaine
Michael Chasse
Rose Chouinard
John & Stephanie Chwalek
Joan Claflin
Renate Clasby
David Cleary
James Clifford
James & Susan Colgan
Donald Collins
Barbara Coniglio
Msgr. Chris Connelly
Katherine Conway
Mary Downey Costello
Clement Couchon
Fr. Fred Cournoyer
Joseph Cove
Albert & Ruth Covelli
Fr. Anthony Creane
Bob & Kathy Crowley
Kathleen Cuddihy
Ann Culloo
Jerome & Virginia Czuprynski
Richard & Margaret D'Amario
Stephen D'Antoni
Nicola DeAngelis
Donald & Mary DeBlieux
Maria DeCarvalho
Clyde and Lorita Decorie
James Denning
Loretta DiCenso
Enzo & Mary Lou DiGiacomo
Patricia Dinn
Diocese of Burlington
Ethel Donahue
John Donnellan
James Doolan
Richard & Joanne Dooley
Fr. Henry Dorsch
Thomas Downey
William Drunsic
Rene & Lorraine Dube
Patricia Duffy
Terrence & Maureen Dunphy
Carolyn Dupuis
Michaele Durant
Virginia Duval
Mary Pat Egan
Jack & Patricia Facey
Msgr. George Farland
Maureen Feeney
Gerald & Marilyn Fels
Ellen Fenton
John Filiault
Bob Filiault & Judy Gaumond
Nicholas & Judith Ann Fiorentino
Andrew & Nancy Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald
William Fitzgerald
Agnes Fleming
Ann Foley
Honour Marie Foley
Thomas Foley
Aron Forem
John Foweston
Lawrence Frazier
Mary Freeman
Gary & Ann Gagnon
Tom Gajda
Fr. Dave Galonek
James Garvey
Margaret Gilleland
Maria Gilman
Thomas Gilmartin
Bill & Mary Lou Girotti
Philip Glynn
Denise Goggins
Michelle Grant
Joan Gravelin
Kerri Griffin & George Buswell
Barbara Guerra
Thomas & Gail Haczynski
Jean Haley
Timothy & Anne Hallahan
Linda Hammarstrom
John Harrington
Richard & Mary Harte
John Hatch
Madeline Hayes
John Heaps
Regina Noonan Hitchery
James Hoar
Pat & Sandy Hourihan
Lester Hutton & Theresa McMahon
Michael & Mary Janeczek
Charles Johnson
Judi Johnson
Peter & Eleanor Jones
Jack & Carol Joyce
Linda Ann Kaczmarczyk
Rev. Joseph Kaminsky
John Vincent Kane
Alex & Catherine Kauer
George & Jackie Keady
John Keane
Bill & Marie Kelleher
John & Pat Kendzierski
Tim & Ann Kennedy
Pat & Jill Keough
Patricia Khademi
William Kingston
William & Marilyn Kirby
Knights of Columbus 4th Degree
John & Marie Koski
Diane Lacosse
Larry & Jean Lajoie
Bill & Rosemary Lamb
Ed & Cathy Lamoureux
Elaine Lampron
Peter Larkin
Lauring Charitable Foundation
Bill Lawry
Kevin & Susan Lawson
Kevin Leary
Anne LeDoux
Tom & Linda Levenson
Rich & Monica Lloyd
Laura Loffredo
Richard Lord
F. Joseph Loughrey
Henry Lusardi
Lois Lynch
Daniel & Patricia Lynch
Susan Mahoney
Robert Manning
Nancy Marden
Albert Mariani
Howard & Denise Marshall
Rev. David Martin
William & Kathleen Masi
Reid Mayo
Mary Mayotte
Maxine Mazur
Barbara McCall
Adam McCarthy
Constance McCarthy
Jerry McCarthy
Marilyn McClellan
Michael & Brenda McCormick
Robert & Carol McFarlin
Cornelius McGillicuddy
Joe & Jennie McGiverin
Peter McGovern
Maryann McGrath
Charlotte McGuirk
Sheila McIntyre
Debbie McLaughlin & Mary Larrivee
Carol McMahon
Gregory & Mary McMahon
Margaret McMahon
Jack McMorrow & Lori Raleigh
Russell & Patricia McNiff
Nancy Melen
Mary Ellen Meunier
Gregg Mills
Susan Moesley
Fr. Charles Monroe
Kathleen Mulligan
Sean Mulligan
Clare Munger
John Murphy
Mary Murphy
Jack & Mary Ann Muska
Bettina Nadeau
Susan Napolitano
Richie Neal
Pat Nelen
Michael Nichols
James Nodurf
Edward Noonan
John & Anne O'Brien
Katherine O'Brien
Stephen O'Brien
Rev. James O'Brien
Edward O'Connell
John & Mary Ellen O'Connor
Michael & Mary O'Connor
Eileen O'Grady
Mary O'Neil
William O'Neil
William & Mary O'Neil
Paul O'Neill
Mary O'Reilly
R. Joseph O'Rourke
John O'Shea
Tom & Terry Paquin
Betsy Parnell
Stephen Paterwic
Edward Peck
Doris Peckner
Margaret Peltola
Paul Penna
Patrick Pepek
Robert Peretti
Robert & Rebecca Philpott
The Picknelly Family
Victor & Suzanne Pisanelli
Jean Plankey
George Podmore
Bob & Pat Pouliot
John & Julia Powers
Philip Powers
Barbara Prackneck
Louise Puza
Dan Quinn
Dorothy Quirk
Carol Raffaele
Rattner Family Foundation
Patricia Reardon
Anne Reilley
Fr. Francis Reilly
Tom Reilly
Kathleen Riordan
Thomas Robert
Ruth Rockwood
Frank Romanowicz
Raymond Rondeau
Richard & Joyce Root
Robert & Darlene Rotella
James Ruberto
Robert Ryan
Terry & Frances Ryan
Timothy Ryan
Gene Ryzewicz
John & Colleen Sadak
Gerard & Carol Satkowski
Patricia Scanlin
Margaret Scanlon
Jean Schaefer
Colette Sergey
Alex & Susan Seseske
Margot Shandoff-Towl
John & Barbara Shannon
John & Christine Shea
John Shea
Margaret Shea
Paul Shea
Robert Shea
Michael & Theresa Skehan
Raymond & Carolyn Smith
Michael & Jeanne Smith
Sara Snider
Gino & Mary Sorcinelli
Stephen Spelman & Liz Dineen
Henry Spring
Kevin Stanley
Paula Stanley
Fr. Mark Stelzer
Frank Sterba
Edward Sullivan
William & Elizabeth Sullivan
Mike Suzor
Daniel Swords
Gary & Jean Tebbetts
Lisa Thomas
Fr. Richard Tinney
Bill Toller
Mark & Noreen Tolosky
Margaret Toomey
Albert & Donna Tosches
Jim & Elaine Tourtelotte
Lillian Tringe
Paul & Jeanne Trinque
Frank & Jody Trombetta
Timothy Tunstall
Peter Turcotte
Ted Urban
Anne Marie Valente
Silvio & Kathleen Valente
Joseph & Ann Vargas
Manuel Vaz
Dawn Vershon
Tom Veto
Susan Vigeant
Francis Voltoline
Terry Wallace
Edward Welch
Martha Welch
Anne Welz
Donna White
Al & Anna Wilkinson
Carol Wren
Kathleen Wyler
Christine Youngren
Diane Bassett Zable
Chester Zaorski
(The lists above are current as of May 15, 2017.)



Marilyn Abare
Anthony & Sandy Abatiell
George Abbott
Albert E. Abdella
Peter Ablondi
Joseph W. Abramo
Anthony T. Abuisi Jr.
Margaret Ackerman
Darlene Adair
Gertrude Adams
Muriel Adelman
Mark & Janice Ahmed
Joe & Diane Ahrberg
Gail A. Ahsey
Patricia Aki
Dennis M. Akins
Mark Alarie
Tim & MaryAnn Alben
Susan Alekson
Louis Alix
Judith G. Allan
Judith L. Allard
W.E. Allard
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H.S. Allen
Judith Ann Allen
Marguerite Allen
Mary Allen
James & Elizabeth Allery
Lorraine M. Allessio
Jane Altobell
Laurie H. Altsman
Teofilo Alvarado
Marie & Marte Alvarez
Dennis & Jo-Anne Amadon
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony E. Amanti
Linda & Robert Amelang
Edward J. Barry & Anne-Gerard Flynn
Marcia S. Curtis & Ashley B. Griffith
Jane DeLong & Connie Chartrand
Susan McNamee & James O'Loughlin
Carlos Oliva & Juliann Rapoport
Kelly Parker & Leonard Courcile
Richard Pysz & Michael Moline
Anne Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Anderson
Michael & Barbara A. Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Andre Jr.
Carol A. Andree
Gaetane Marielle Andrews
Michael Angelica
Pauline Angermann
Paul & Eleanor Anghinetti
Kate Annichiarico
Claire M. Antaya
Patrick Anthony
Lester C. Apicella
Laura R. Aquistapace
Joseph Arabia
Stephen S. Araki
Patricia M. Archer
Daniel P. & Florence Arent Jr.
Florence F. Arent
Donna & Anthony Argento
Nicholas E. Argento
Theresa Armata
Irene J. Armienti
Ann Arnold
Louise Arthur
Carol A. Aseltine
Lucy Ashe
Michael P & Patricia A. Ashe
Harold Asher
Herbert C. Aston
Mary Ellen Atkins
Rachel E. Atkinson
Judith Aubrey
Paul & Patricia Aubuchon
Kathryn M. Auclair
Susan M. Audette
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard G. Auge` Jr.
Deborah Auld
Lynne R. Aungst
Bonnie J. Austin
Rosemary E. Austin
Mary Aveyard
Susan Avondo
Michael C. Avonti
James Ayrey
Claire E. Bachand
Gerald Bachand
John & Dorothy Bagge
Patricia A. Bagnall
Mary O. Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bailey
Kathleen Brennan Baines
Susan A. Baird-Dore
Robert E. & Debra J. Bak
Ellen D. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. James Baker
Linda Baker
Sean & Suzanne Baker
Barbara M. Bakes
Kathleen A. Balakier
Thomas E. & Veronica J. Balardini
Patricia Balcom
Sharon O. Bales
Janet Balise
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Balise
Mary L. Ballard
Joyce M. Bamford
Mary Lynn Bangs
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Banner
David & Roxanne Baptiste
Antoinette M. Bara
David Baran
Anne R. Barba
William H. Barbarow
Ella Barber
William P. Barcomb
Francis Barker
Thomas Barker
Linda Barnet
Frances T. Barney
Evelyn M. Baroni
Katherine C. Barrett
Lora Barrett
Kathleen M. Barry
William D. Barry
Mark & Mary Barthello
Colleen Bartlett
Marguerite & John Bartolini
Mary Ann Bascom
Anthony Basile
Savino & Marguerite Basile
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bassett
Louis & Carol Bassett
Paul F. Bastardi
Cathleen C. Bastible
Carol Ann Bates
Laurie Bates
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bator
Robert J. Battaglia
Elizabeth Egan Batten
Eileen M. Battles
John Battles
Karen Q. Bauer
Marianne Beach
Barbara Bean
Ray Beane
Mary Ann & Ron Bearss
Victor & Diana Beaudin
Therese Beaudion
Alyce Kelley Beaudry
Gladys Beaudry
Leonard A. Beaulieu
Geraldine Bednarz
Barbara Beeker
Mark J. Beglane
Barbara J. Begley
Rev. Thomas B. Begley
Christopher Behan
Rev. George P. Behan
Anthony Belanger
Donald V. Belanger
Philip Belanger
Rene F. & Janet Belanger
Paul Belcamino
David Belcher
Ricahrd L. Belcher
Donald A. Belforti
Madeline E. Belisle
James L. Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Bell
Susan M. Bell
Catherine Belleville
Carmelita A. & Mary Ann Bello
John Bello
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Bellomo
Gary N. Belock
Mary Jo Bender
Alma A. Benedetti
John W. Bennett
Kathleen Bennett
Lisa Bennett
Celeste C. Benoit
Paul F. Benoit
Richard & Rochelle Benoit
Eleanor Benson
Alma Benton
Dan Benton
E. George Berard
Gloria Berard
Donald & Judy Bercury
Esterina M. Bergendahl
Joseph P. Bergin
Conrad & Louise Bernier
Frank C. Bernini
Judith Berthalter
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bertolino
Maryann Berube
Elaine M. Beshara
Susan G. Beshara
Danni M. Best
Madonna Betit
Denise M. Betz
Carol Bevan-Bogart
Kristin E. Bey
Joseph & Ellen Biagini
Linda Bianchi
Nancy Bianchi
Anne J. Biancuzzo
Robert P. Bibeau
Anne Biedrzycki
Claire Bielanski
Gerald Bilodeau
Marie Jeanette Bilodeau
Theresa A. Bimbane
Gordon & Joyce Bird
Michael W. Bird
Kathleen M. Bishop
Brandy Kelley Bixby
Mr. & Mrs. David Blair
Joseph P. Blake Jr.
Michelle Blake
Mary & Don Blakesley
Albert J. & Kathleen M. Blanchard
Joyce A. Blanchard
Paul D. Blanquart
Mary Ellen Blass
Irene & John Bledsoe
Carol & Michael Bligh
Frederick P Bliss
Thomas P. Blomberg Jr.
Thomas Bloniarz
Lucille Blow
Marybeth Boczon
Judith M. Bodnar
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Boecke
Francis E. Bogdanowicz
John & Nancy Boguslawski
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. Boire
Jules & Patricia Boissonneault
Jay Boland
Mary E. Boland
Sheila Bolduc
Yvette R. Bolduc
Stephen Boliver
Ernest Bolognani
Kunigunda Bolognani
Pauline Bona
Renelle Bonanita
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Bonasoni
Gabriella Bond
William V. Bonfitto Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bonin
Patty Bonneau
Rev. Lionel E. Bonneville
Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. Bonzagni Jr.
Paul Bordua
Edward J. Borosky
Fred & Gloria Borys
Susan C. Boss
Paul G. Bostley
Thomas H. & Lorita Bosworth
Debra T. Bottomms
David L. Bouchard
Paul & Louise Bouchard
Carol Boucher
James Boucher
Mary Alice Boudreau
Donn A. Boulanger Sr.
Margaret M. Boulet
Mary A. Boulger
Ronald J. & Eileen Bourassa
Richard Bourbeau
Anita Bourcier
Nancy & Fran Bourdon
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Bourgoin
John J. & Patricia A. Bourque
Julianne M. Bousquet
Donald & Eleanor A. Bouthielette
Barry & Nonie Bouthilette
Ken & Rosalie A. Boutin
Aloonsri M. Bowen
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Bowers
Roger & Catherine M. Bowlby
Edmund D. Bowler
John & Isabelle M. Bowler
Kathleen Bowler
John A. Boyd
Edmund T. Boyer
Marge Boyer
Helen Boyle
Mary-Ellen Boyle
Richard & Sylvia Boynton
Wax Brackett
Marie Brackney
Laura J. Brady
Mary S. Brady
Sr. Jeanne Branchaud
Elizabeth Brand-Fibkins
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Brassard
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Brassard
Mary J. Brassil
Michael Brault
Thomas Brawley
Mr. & Mrs. L. Paul Brazeau
John H. Breck III
Frances Brelliant
Carol Brennan
Mr. & Mrs. Gary E. Brennan
Helene Brennan
Mary M. Brennan
Michael & Judy Brennan
Robert & Louise Brennan
Thomas E. Brennan
William C. Brennan Jr.
Patricia Brent
John H. Bride
Patricia Brien
Grace Briggs
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Briggs Jr.
Jean M. Brigham
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Brill Jr.
Robert M. Briotta
Mary Jane C. Brisbane
Dr. & Mrs. Edward James Britt
Wilma W. Brittigan
Anne-Marie P. Brizendine
Joyce M. Broadbent
John E. Broderick
Mary Agnes Brooks
Rosemary Kane Brosnan
Maureen Brough
Carol Oma Brown
Christine Heaton Brown
Edward D. Brown
Georgina I Brown
Gloria A. Brown
Nancy A. Brown
Paul E. Brown
Richard Brown
Richard J. Brown
Rosemary Brownlee
Joseph J. Bruce
April E. Brunelle
Mr. & Mrs. Lucien A. Brunelle
Ann Bruno
Rev. Daniel B. Brunton
Sandra F. Bruschi
Thomas & Regina Brushway
Charlotte Bruso
Joseph E. Bryda
Michael P. Brynes
Mary E. Brzoska
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Bua
Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Buckery
Rev. James F. Buckley
Maureen Buckley
Arunas A. Budnikas
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis S. Buell
James T. Buffum
Ellen Bump
Michael & Kate Bunn
Francis P. Bunting
John Buoni
Susan Buoniconti
Arthur R. Buonopane
Janet Burati
Richard A. Burati
Deborah J. Buratto
Thomas Burda
Carolyn M. Burek
Diane M. Burek
Andrea Burgess
J. Burgos
Dan Burke
Edward D. Burke
Karen L. & William Burke
Lorene M. Burke
Mary Jane Burke
Steven B. Burke
Thomas F. Burke
Timothy & Kelly Burke
Rachel Burkott
Deacon Ron & Kathleen Buron
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Burton
Andree D. Buscemi
Paula M. Bushey
Anthony Buttino
Rosemarie C. Buxton
Josephine N. Buzzanco
Robert & Michele Buzzell
Denise Byers
Joseph F. & Kathleen M. Byrnes Jr.
Judy Cadden
James J. Cadieux
Karen L. Cadieux
Daniel J. Cahill
Robert & Michaela Cahillane
Dave & Deborah Cahoon
Linda Caika
Joanne Calderigi
Patricia M. Calhoun
Helen M. Callahan
James K. Callahan
Margaret C. Callahan
Margaret Callahan
Maureen Callahan
John & Molly Caltabiano
Anna M. Calvanese
Richard A. Calvanese
Daniel J. Cameron
Theresa Camerota
Shirley D. Campana
Joseph & Mary Campbell
Marianne Campbell
Theresa A. Campbell
Patricia A. Canavan
Mark & Susan Candiloro
Mr. & Mrs. Felix Cangro
Steve Dukie Canney
John & Kathleen Canning
John Cantarella
John Canty
Patrick Canty
Roger & Estelle Caouitto
Martha Capaldi
Bonnie L. Capowski
Constance Capstick
James R. & Francoise M. Carabetta
Peter J. Carabetta
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Carbone
David J. Carboneau
Rosemarie Cardaropoli
Deborah R. Carey
James F. Carey
Richard J. Carey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Carey
Jacqueline & William Carlin
Justyna M. Carlson
Art Carlucci & Sons Inc.
Arthur & Michele Carmody
Rev. James F. Carmody
Lucille B. Carmody
Barbara Carnes
Gerald C. Carney
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carney
Rosemary Carney
Ben Carr Jr.
Bob Carr
Daniel J. Carr
Louise Carr
Craig Carrier
Keith H. Carrier
Ronald J. Carrier
Earl & Gail Carrington
Anne L. Carter
Arleen Carter
Edward & Christine Carter
George & Janet Cartier
John J. Carty
Christopher Cary
Richard Carye
Phyllis Casagrande
Diane Casella
Dick Casey
Lee Ann Casey
Kathryn Casey
Wilfred Casino
Mary Cassarino
Joe Cassidy
Thomas & Marcella Castagna
Peter & Terry Castro
Ellen M. Catabia
Genevieve Catanzaro
Camilo Catarino
Maryanne Caughlin
Edward & Ann Cauley
Martin Cauley
Mary Anne Cauley
James Cavaliere
Stacia &Thomas Cavalieri
Margaret Cavanaugh
Mark & Maureen Cavanaugh
Kenneth J. Cestone
Awilda Chaban-Colon
J. Richard Chabot
Garry J. Champine
Barbara Champney
Timothy Champoux
Julie E. Chandler
Mr. & Mrs. James Chanen
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Chapleau Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Chapman
Leah Chapman
Rosemary A. Chapman
Judy & Peter Chaput
Joan Charbonneau
Cynthia Charest
Alice J. Charland
Gloria C. Charland
Louis Charland
Dennis & Elisabeth Charles
Brian & Janemari Chateauvert
Sandra Chechette
Barbara S. Cheesbro
Louise Fortune Chenelle
Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Chiango
Mary Ann Childs
Adam P. & Niamh C. Chill
Sharon Chilson
Mary Beth Ching
Angela Choi
Paul A. Chouinard
Sheryl Chretien
Eileen F. Christman
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Christofori
Mary Christopherson
Donald Christy
Marie Cibotti
Mr. & Mrs. Francis C. Cichy
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Ciempa Jr.
Jeanne L. Cigal
Hope C. Cimini
Dominick Cinti
David M. Cioffi
Margaret Cioffi
Pat Cioffi
Rudy Cira
Laurie A. Cirillo
James Ciullo
Constance A. Clancy
Paul Clancy
Margaret C. Clarimpno
John H. Clark
Mary Clark
Mary Ellen Clark
Paul & Susan Clark
Raymond & Carole Clark
Susan Davis Clark
Therese Clark
Pamela & Michael Clarke
Dorothy V. Clarkson
Mary Ellen Clay
Anne Mazzu Cleary
Thomas & Margot Cleary
Jean M. Clifford
Maryellen Clifford
Nancy A. Clifford
Mark Cloutier
Mr. & Mrs. Normand J. Cloutier
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Cloutier
Marylynn K. Clune
Catherine Coakley
Doris E. Cobbs
Walter E. Cocchi
Daniel Cochran
Heather Y. Cody
Jean Cody
John Coffin
Evelyn Colbert
Gloria M. Colby
Charles S. Cole
Barbara S. Coleman
Paul W. Coleman
Albertine Collette
Charles M. & Sheila K. Collins
Christine Collins
Francis Collins
Geraldine M. Collins
James R. Collins
John K. Collins
John B. Collins
Louise M. Collins
Mark R. & Georgann T. Collins
Mary Lou Collins
Matthew L. Collins
Mike & Linda Collins
Diane Collins
Ignatius J. Collura
Michael D. Colombo
Chester Comins
Francis & Nadine Como
Christine M. Companion
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Concannon
Judith M. Condon
Carol Cone
Frances B. Conforti
Deana Conheeny
David & Mary Conley
Kathleen M. Conlin
Charles D. Connelly
Joyce Connelly
Brian T. Connery
Linda Bartlett Connery
Dorothy M. Connly
Mary-Elizabeth Connly
Anne & Colm Connolly
Mary Jane & Ed Connolly
James & Irene Connon
Cori Connor-Morse
Paula JS Conrad
Thomas P. Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Consedine
Ruth H. Conway
Thomas J. Conway Jr.
Jon & Barbara Cook
Kathleen D. Cook
Thomas G. Cook
Veronica Cook
Cindy Cooke
Tina M. Cookish
Barbara A. Coopee
Mary L. Corbett
Lynn Alexis Lee Corey
Al & Carol Corkum
Margaret A. Cormier
Ray & Fran Cormier
Roland & Diane Cormier
Eugene & Jeanne Cornell
Joseph & Denise Cornwall
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Cornwell
Laurianne Y. Cornwell
Anne M. Corrieri
Marguerite T. Corrinet
James F. Cosgrove
Kathleen Cossaboom
John F. Cossaboon
Ann L. Costanzo
Christina Costella
Barry M. Costello
Brian P. Costello
George & Mary Jean Costello
Thomas W. Costello
Louis & Joy Costi
Mary K. Coswell
Sue Cotela
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Cotnoir
Francis J. Cotrupi
Dave Cotter
Maureen M. Cotter
Elizabeth Couchon
Mary Coughlan
Jennifer Coughlin
Ann E. Counos
George W. Counter
Justin Courcelli
Fr. Alfred C. Cournoyer
Edward P. Court
Irene R. Couture
Elizabeth M. Cox
John F. Cox
Theresa Cox
Robert & Sandra Coyle
Joseph F. Coyne Jr.
Nancy P. Crandall
Maureen Cratty
Nicole R. Crave
Jeannette R. Crawford
Marcia C. Crawford
Mary Ann Creed
Robert P. Creed
Maureen C. Creichen
Mr. & Mrs. Morgan R. Creighton
Josef Cressotti
Kurt & Jennifer Cressotti
Mary M. & Karl T. Cressotti
Stefan Cressotti
Patricia B. Crisostomo
Lorraine Croke
Judith Cross
Julie Cross
Debra & Ronald Croteau
Mark R. Croteau
Kathleen A. Crowe
JoAnn Crowley
Judeth A. Crowley
Maria Crowley
Norman & Doreen Crowley
Robert & Kathleen Crowley
Rev. Deacon & Mrs. John Croy
John & Debbie Crullo
Diane Anne Cullen
Mary Cullen
Mr. & Mrs. G. Peter Cullinan
Mary T. Cullinane
Joan M. Culliton
Carol C. Cummings
Daniel R. Cummings
John P. Cummings
Lance Cummings
Brian & Janice Cunningham
John Cunningham
Madeline B. Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. William Cunningham
Constance S. Curran
Patricia A. Curran
Therese M. Curry
Charles W. Curtin
Claire Curtis
Paricia Cusimano
Craig Cusson
Ronald & Alice Cyr
Joseph Czachor
Anna Z. Czapla
William J. Czarnecki
Diane Dabbs
Thomas F. Dacey
James & Lorraine DaDalt
Luiza Dafonte
Gerald M. & Karen E. DaGostino
Carol Daige
Paul Daigle
Mireille S. Daigneault
Marie B. Daley
Tom & Claire Daley
Mary Dalrymple
Anthony Daly
David Daly
John F. Daly
Joseph Daly
Joseph Daly
Kevin Daly
Margaret Daly
Thomas Daly
Frederick D'Amato
Carmella D'Ambra
Sara Damewood
Louise J. Damian
David D'Amours
Shirley Danasko
Mike & Sue D'Aniello
Mark Daniels
Pauline C. Danylieko
Rev. James Darcy
Doanld Daudelin
Colleen D'Auria
Patricia David
Bernard T. Davidow
James & Helen K. Davidson
Rosemary S. Davidson
Michael Davin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Davio
Barbara A. Davis
Donald & Marlene Davis
Elizabeth C. Davis
Marc Davis
Robert S. & Lois A. Davis
Scott & Michelle Davis
Tammy Davis
Virginia V. Davis
Tom & Kate Day
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dean
Nicola A. DeAngelis
Belle Deaver
Kathleen Debevec-Witz
Salvatore J. DeCanio
Joseph & Mary M. DeCarlo
Theresa DeCaro
Mena & Nelly DeCarvalho
Stephen DeClue
Benedetto DeCosmo
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Decoteau
Joan DeDominic
Walter A. DeFilippi
Gloria DeFillipo
Robert J. DeGeorge
Kathy DeGrandpre
Roger & Janis DeGrandpre
Mr. & Mrs. F. Daniel Deknis
Maria Del Pilar Endo-Mite
Maria Del Puy Navarro
Frances M. Delahanty
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Delaney
Nancy DelBianco
Roxanne & Stephen Delikat
Mary Beth DeLisi
Edward & Christine T. Delisle
Peter F. Della-Luna Sr.
Mary Kay Dellasanta
Catherine & Paul Dellea
Lourdes Delson
Theresa M. DeMasi
Martin J. DeMatteo Jr.
Paschal DeMattia OFM
Donald R. & Elaine A. Demers
Dorothy A. Demick
Emilia M. Demontigny
Maurice & Madeleine DeMontigny
Mary R. Dempsey
Judith M. DeNapoli
Frances Denardo
Brigid K. Denery
Lorraine Denicola
Leo Denis
Antonette L. Dennis
Patricia Dennis
Dorothy DePollo
Ryan C. DePoy
Mary A. Derengowski
Robert Deslauriers
Dennis & Linda Desmarais
Francis X. Desmarais
Linda M. Desmond
Mary Deso
Joyce D. Desorcy
Jeanne M. DesRosiers
Jeannette L. Desrosiers
Judith Detuccio
Lori Devine
Cathy Devins
Rev. Michael H. Devlin
Sean Devlin
William J. & Jane Devlin
Darlene C. Dewhurst
Gail M. Dexheimer
Mary Deyette
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Di Saia
Samantha Dias
Rosemarie DiBella
Robert DiBona
G. J. DiBonaventura
Joseph & Janet Dibrindisi
Carol Dickhaut
Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Didio
Theresa DiDonato
Nicholas J. DiDonna
Paul J. & Cynthia M. Diemand
Margaret B. Diggins
Joleen DiGiacomo
Ann Diller
Daniel C. Dillon
Gerald C. Dillon
M. Esther Dillon
Thomas A. Dillon
Mary Iris DiLorenzo
Tina Dimino-Frazer
Stephen J. Dimodica
Bill DiNicola
Paul & Gayle DiNicola
Charlotte Dinoia
George R. & Joy R. Dion
Mary Ann Dion
Maureen Dion
Nora & Christopher Dion
Dale Dionne
Theresa A. DiPippo
Matteo F. Disano
Gerard & Linda DiSanti
Christine Discenza
Joseph H. Discenza
Jean A. Doak
Francis J. Doherty Jr.
Patricia A. Doherty
Patricia & Robert P. Dollar
Michael Dommeng
Casmir S. Domurat
Dennis & Cheryl Donahue
Francis J. Donahue
George M. Donahue
Martha Donahue
Richard Donahue
Paul J. Donlon
Gerald T. Donnellan
Marie T. Donoghue
Robert Donoghue
Tim Donoghue
Bob Donohoe
Joseph Donohue
Joyce M. Donohue
Maura J. Donohue
William Donohue
Daniel Donovan
Gary P. Donovan
Kathleen Doody
Sheilah Dooley
Barbara Dooling
Margaret E. Doran
Rose Maria G. Doran
June H. Dorion
Edna L. Doucette
Mary A. Dougal
Mr. & Mrs. James Dowd
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Dowd
Kathleen A. Dowd
Margaret C. Dowd
Catherine Dower-Gold
John H. Down
John Downes
Michael J. Downey
Virginia S. & Neil Downey
Carol A. Downs
Emily Doyle
Gary Drago
Richard Drake
Barbara J. Drapeau
Michelle D. Drapeau
Neil Dreger
Bernard Eugene Drelick
John Dromey
Ann L. Drost
Judith Drozd
Bernard W. Druke
Stephen D. & Lena Drzewiczewski
Doris Duafala
Christine Dubay
Bernard P. Dube
Carol A. Dube
Joseph Paul Dube Jr.
Rodolphe & Clothilde Dube
Victoria Dube
Beverly Dubiski
John Ducey
Michelle Ducharme
Jeremy P. Duclos
Mr. & Mrs. Laurence W. Duclos
Susan S. Ducros
Richard J. Dudek
Kay & Richard Dudley
Clifford Dufault
Diana Booth Duff
Mary C. Duffy-Rollinson
Judith A. Duggan
David D. Duncan
Donna Duncan
Bruce Dunigan
John A. Dunphy
Ellen Dupaw
Dr. & Mrs. William M. DuPont
Patricia Dupuis
Laurent L. Duquette
Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Durand
James Durkee
Joan M. Durkin
Luise Durr
Gail Duso
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Dutko
Diane Duval
Donald Duval
Scott & Carol Dvorak
Eileen P. Dwyer
Utako S. Dwyer
Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Dzielenski
Mr. Albert M. Dziewit
Dorothy Eagan
Shirley A. Earle
Aaron Eaton
William & Cynthia Eaton
June Eccher
Craig S. & Mary Edmonds
Dennis & Barbara Egan
Kieran Tom Egan
Michael Egan
Sally Ann Ehrheart
Diane Elkhay
John B. Ellis
Mary Ellison
Beatrice Emerson
Fran Endres
Nancy E. English
James A. Eno
Joseph M. Eno
Leslie M. Eno
Michele & Lanson Enrich
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel R. Enserro Jr.
Thomas F. Equi
Mary Erardi
Marilyn Erickson
Mary Ann Ericson
Cheryl Erskine
David Estes
Shirley B. Estridge
Julia I. Evans
Paul E. Evans Jr.
Elodie L. & David Fagnand
Elizabeth Faherty
June L. Fairbanks
Mary Faits
Frank Falcetti
Stephen James Falco Jr.
Richard Fales Jr.
Edward & Jacqueline Fallon
Maureen Fallon
William E. Fallon
Solari Family
Mary Fanelli
Donald & Mary Farcas
Anita Farley
Eleanor Farley
David A. Farrell
Michael Farrell
Noreen A. Farrell
William T. Farrell
Ross Faucher
Betty Faulhaber
Edgar Fauteux
Beverly A. Favreau
Terrence Fay
William F. Fay
Frances M. Fazio
Joanna Fazio
Elizabeth A. Feeney
Maureen E. Feeney
Mary A. Feldman
Deacon & Mrs. Albert L. Feliu
Diana Fellows
Shirley M. Fennell
John J. Fennessy
Michael J. Fenton
Lorraine E. Fentress
Donna M. Ferguson
Mr.& Mrs. David L. Ferioli
Flavio Fernandes
Irene L. Ferrante
Sandra Ferranti
Cathleen Mary Ferraro
Vincent A. Ferrero
Judith I. Ferris
Mary Ferris
Nancy K. Ferriter
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Feyre
Michelle Field
Larry Figella
Paula Figoni
Linda Figueredo
Theodore A. Fijal
Raymond J. Fil
Louise Filiastolfone
Gwendolyn Filiault
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Filiault
Louise Filkins
Roberta K. Fillioe
Saul Finestone
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Finn
Louis E. Finn
Maureen P. Finn
Gina Finnegan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Finnegan Jr.
Tracy Callahan Finnerty
Louise P. Finnie
Linda Fiore
Pauline Fisher
Sheila Fitzell
Alice M. Fitzgerald
Dawn B. Fitzgerald
Deborah Fitzgerald
Ed Fitzgerald
James M. Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. John Fitzgerald
John F. Fitzgerald
Kathleen T. Fitzgerald
Kit Fitzgerald
Linda J. Fitzgerald
Marie A. Fitzgerald
Maryanne Fitzgerald
Helen Fitzgerald
Patricia & Martin Fitzgerald
Roseann Fitzgerald
Thomas P. Fitzgerald
James & Louise Fitzpatrick
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Flaherty
Kathleen Flahive
Judith Flanagan
Richard M. Flanagan
Sheila Flanagan
Ernestine Flannery
Mr. & Mrs. Ovide Flannery
Robert J. Flannery
Elizabeth A. Fleming
Jim & Kim Fleming
Christine M. Fletcher
Arlene Flisik
Helen E. Flood
Raymond & Carol Florence
William J. Flory
David Flynn
John C. Flynn
John Flynn
John C. Flynn
Kathleen M. Flynn
Rosemary Flynn
James F. Foard Jr.
Elizabeth A. Fogarty
Barbara Foley
Bill & Sheila Foley
Daniel Foley
David Foley
Eileen P. Foley
Elizabeth Foley
John P. & Elaine Foley
Mary M. Foley
Nancy A. Foley
Patricia A. Foley
Roberta T. Foley
Susan & Carl Foley
Barbara Fontaine
Leonard M. Fontaine
Lisa Fontaine
Raymond Fontaine
Sarah Fontaine-Lipke
Dianne Fontana
Susan Fontana
Robert & Marianne Foote
Alice M. Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Foresi
George & Deborah Forgea
Elaine & Michael A. Fornari
Christine Forni
Judith A. Fortier
Carl & Janice Fortin
Margaret Fortini
Felix L. Foss
Geraldine C. Foster
Clare Fouche
Sharon A. Fouche
Suzanne R. Fournier
James C. Fox
Patricia & Joseph Fox
Mae Foy
Fred Frangie
James Frank
Ann Frankiewicz
Joseph Frankiewicz
Madeline Frantiska
Judy Franzoni
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Frappier
Joyce Kirby Frasca
Christine Frawley
Gerald Frazier
Ron & Charlene Fredette
Theresa Fregeau
Thomas Fregeau
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Frey Jr.
Mary Ellen Friedland
Sandra Friess
George & Clare Frigo
Ernest F. Fritz
Ruth Fucci
Richard & Barbara Fulton
Michael J. Furey
Marlene R. Furgal
Shirley Ann Fusco
Michael & Kathy Fuss
Ann E. Gablaski
Salvatore Gaetani
Matt Gaffney
Sara & Tom Gage
Tiffany Gagliardi
Donald A. & Marlene Gagne
Jill & Joseph L. Gagne
Denis G. Gagnon Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Gagnon
John Galbraith
Doreen Galie
Claire Gallagher
Kathleen Gallagher
Mary J. Gallagher
Mary Jo Gallagher
Joseph H. Gallant
Dr. & Mrs. Paul J. Galley
Edward J. Gallivan
Ingrid L. Gallo
Elizabeth Gamache
Jean Gamache
Tom & Maria Gamache
Laura Gamari
Ellen Garbasz
Frank Paul Garde
Elizabeth Gardella
Jane R. Gardella
Michael Gardiner
Carol Garner
Patrick Garofano
Kevin R. Garrant
Robert A. Garrity
Marie S. Garrow
Brigid S. Garvey
Paul M. & Connie Garvey
James M. Garvey
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Garvey
Carol A. Gates
Judith M. Gates
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Gattuso Jr.
Sarah Gauch
Donna Gaudrault
Mr. & Mrs. Armand P. Gaudreau
Jovette M. Gauthier
Italo A. & Aurelia Gavazzi
Mary Ann Gavin
Julia Gawle
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gawron
Emily Gayton
Barbara Gazda
Stephen R. Geary
Father John Gee
Mary Gee
Joseph J. Geehern Jr.
Charles Gembarowski
Elizabeth Gendron
Chrstine George
Elizabeth George
John C. George
Joseph & Patricia George
Jody Gerbasi
Gary Gerhard
Marilyn R. Gerhard
Eileen Gerrits
Laura Geryk
Mary Ghidoni
Mr. & Mrs. Enrico T. Giardina
Teresa G. Giardina
Margaret M. Gibson
Eleanor Gifford
Catherine Giguere
Norina Gilarde
John & Sandy Gilbertie
Tracey L. Gilbertie
Elizabeth Giles
Ann M. Gilhooly
Kathleen A. Gilhooly
Thomas & Christine Gill
Marcy A. Gillam
Bridget R. Gilligan
Mary Lee Gillmeister
Dorothy Gillon
Elizabeth G. Gilman
Tom & Anne Ginley
Michael G. Gionet
Linda C. Girard
Michael Girard
Roy J. Girasa
Scott Giroux
Kim Gittings
Mr. & Mrs. James Giuliano
Andrea Gladu
Daniel & Jacqueline Gladu
Leslie & Eileen Gladu
Katherine R. Glaessner
James S. Glanville
Juliet Ann Glass
William & Phyllis Gleason
Mary J. Glesmann
Fred & Heleane Glidden
Mary Glover
Agatha Glowacki
Ada Glucksman
Dennis Gmerek
Catherine Gnatt
Mary E. Gnosini
Asceline S. Go
Charleen M. Godleski
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest C. Goff
Charlene Gomes
Joan Gomes
Maggie Gomez-Jimenez
Walter J. Gondela
Maureen Gonnello
Marilyn Goodin
Tom Goodman
Louise M. Goodrich
Mary Goodwin
Michael & Mary Goodwin
Thomas Googins
Bridget Gormalley
Patrick & Marie Gormalley
Anne C. Gorman
Larry & Lynne Gorman
Mary J. Gorman
Kathleen M. Gorski
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gossman
David C. Gouchoe
Len Goudeon
Doris McDonnell Gould
Patricia A. Goulet
Raymond Gouley Jr.
Herve Gousy
Patricia A. Goyette
Robert T. Goyette
David Grady
Colleen & Paul Graf
Donald R. & Nancy Graham
Lucia I. Grancole
Greg & Joan Granger
Janet L. Gravel
Carolyn C. Graves
Patricia Graves
Mark Gravol
Jillien Graye
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene T. Greaney
John F. Greaney
John & Susan Greaney
Cheryl Ann Green
Jason Green
Elizabeth Greene
Meghan Gregoire
Edward J. Gregory
Virginia Gregory
Daniel & Janet Griffin
Deirdre Griffin
Elizabeth J. Griffin
George E. Griffin
James T. Griffin
Joseph F. Griffin III
Kerri Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Griffin
Paul & Rochelle Griffin
Ramona Griffin
Margo Griffin-Wilson
Asheley Griffith
Nicholas & Cynthia Grimaldi
Derrin Grimard
Judith M. Grimes
Kathleen A. Grimes
Joseph Grimm
Dianne Grinnell
Mary B. Griswold
Chet & Phyllis Grondalski
Teresa Gross
Theresa A. Grus
Irene L. Gryder
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Grzelak
Juliette A. Guasconi
Barbara Guertin
Carol Guido-Doherty
Helen M. Guiheen
Mr. & Mrs. C. Edward Guindon Jr.
Patrick Guinness
Robert & Mary Guistimbelli
Karl & Maureen Gumpright
Carolyn & Michael Gunn
Rabbi Jerome Gurland
William M. Gustafson
Patricia R. Guyer
Douglas & Mary Guyett
Andrew & Eileen Guyette
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Guzzo
Johanna Hackett
Linda M. Hackett
Hani Haddad
Joseph R. Haffly
John S. & Maureen G. Haftmann
Krystyna S. & John Haggerty
Antionette Hahn
Kathleen Halbach
Joan A. Haley
Martha Haley
Henry Hall
Barry & Joanne Hamel
Cecilia Hamel
Jerome & Jeanne E. Hamelin-Todd
James Hamilton
Patricia A. Hamilton
Linda M. Hammarstrom
John R. Hammerle
Florence Hammond
John Hamre III
Dorothy Hancock
Jim Hand
Ray & Barbara Hand
Mark & Theresa Hanford
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hanifan
Maureen Hannam
Gwendolen Hannan
Margaret Hannigan
Harold & Joy Hannon
Richard & Mary Hansen
Dr. & Mrs. Charles P. Hapcook
Maryann H. Haraty
Bernard S. & Lisa S. Harland
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Harland
Elizabeth O. Harmon
Marie L. Harnois
Alice Harper
Jane Lewis Harper
James F. & Mary E. Harrigan
Michael & Noreen Harrigan
Anne Marie Harrington
Dolores L. Harrison
Peter J. & M. Celine Harrity
Anne M. Hart
Megan Hart
Robina J. Hartig
Mike Harty
Ellen Harvey
James Harvey
Jeanne T. Harvey
John E. Harvey
Joseph G. Harvey
Judith Harvey
Kathryn Harvey
Leo Harvey
Maureen G. Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney P. Harvey
William & Margaret Harvey
Betty Hass
Michael Hatch
Ellen S. Havlak
Gabriel M. Hayek
Judith Hayes
Madeline T. Hayes
Mary C. Hayes
William P. Hayes
Christopher M. & Patricia A. Healey
Helen Healey
Ellen & Ed Healy
Eleanor M. Hebert
Ernest & Melanie Hebert
Mr. & Mrs. Jon P. Hebert
Shirley R. Hebert
Mary Hector
Marie C. Hedeen
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hehman
George J. & Patricia A. Hemingway
Ann Henchman
Nadine Henderson
Robert T. Hendry
Mark & Neilda Henke
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Hennessy
Gerald F. Hennessy
Joseph P. Hennigan
Sharon M. Hennigan
Connie Henning
Ruth Henry
Catherine McAuley Hentges
Mary E. Heon
James Herlihy
Margaret Herrala
Caroline A. Herrmann
Raymond & Maureen Hershel
Margaret E. Hickey
Thomas E. Hickey Jr.
Michael J. Hickson
Rafael Hidlalgo
Carmen Hierro
Mary K. Higgins
Jean M. Highter
William H. Highter
Patricia T. Hines
Roger Hipp
John Hoar
Margaret V. Hoare
Linda A. Hoarle
Christopher E. Hodsden
Kathleen B. Hoey
Paul M. & Carol M. Hogan
Michael P. Hogue
George & Mary Hojnoski
Helena P. Holbritter
Marion E. Holden
Mary Ann Hollister
Mary Ann Holmes
Joseph P. Holohan
Timothy J. Holt
John J. & Mary R. Hooben
George & Cheryl Hooker
Raymond & Joan Hopfe
Ann R. Houde
Debra L. Houghton
David M. Houlihan
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Hourihan
Henry Howard
Martha L. Howard
Sarah D. Howard
Elizabeth A. Howarth
Suzanne Howatt
Bridget Howe
Barbara J. Howell
Diane Howells
Sandra A. Howie
Karen F. Hoyt
Richard E. Hrazanek
Lucjan J. Hronowski
Edwina A. Hubbard
Russell & Margaret S. Hubley Jr.
Barbara J. Hughes
Carolyn & Steve Hughes
Hannah D. Hughes
Irene M. Hughes
Elizabeth Hukowicz
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Hulit
William F. Hulse III
Alan & Judith Hunt
Gloria E. Hunter
Mary Hunter
Edward Hurley Jr.
Ellen M. Hurley
Estelle M. Hurley
Joann L. Hurley
Lisa Hurley
Lynn F. Hurley
Michael & Susan Hurley
Rita E. Hurt
Mary Huska
Michele H. Hutchinson
Joseph Hyder
Joel T. Hyland
Richard L. Iandoli
Jennifer Iannantuoni
Kathleen Iannantuoni
Loretta Imbriglio
Lucy A. Infante
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Irvine
Nancy J. Isabella
Constance Jabbar
Carol A. Jaciow
C. Grace Jackson
Kathy Jackson
Albert Jacob
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Jacques Sr.
Eileen Jacques
Howard Jacques
C. Jakubowski
Elaine Jamison
Gus & Marion Jammalo
Clara Jamross
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Jamroz
Dorene M. Janes
Karen Natale Jankavich
Julie Janocha
Darcy Janowski
Alice J. Jarisch
Rene L. Jarry
Leon P. & Doris Jasinski
Charlene Doherty Jayamanne
Mary J. Greeley & Jeanne McGrath
Mary P. Jeffery
John F. Jeffo
Susan Jenkinson
MaryAnn Jenks
William B. Jennings
Lawrence G. Jensen
Mary E. Jepson
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Jescanbeau
Frank Jesionowski
Raymond & Marilyn Jette
Linda Johndrow
Barbara S. Johnson
Edwin D. Johnson
John A. & Linda Johnson III
Michael N. Johnson
Pauline Johnstone
Shirley Jolly
Florence Jones
Lawrence A. Jones
Michael Jones
Anne Joubert
Angeline A. Joyce
Donna Joyce
John J. Julian
Mary Anne Justin
Susan Kacoyannakis
Joseph & Dorothy Kagan
Charles Kahwaty
Alison Kalvelage
Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Kane
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kane
John A. & Kimberly F. Kane
Joseph Kane
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Kane Sr.
Elaine Matuszek Karalekas
Frances J. Kardas
Alice E. Kay
Martin & Diane Kearney
Patricia A. Kearney
Pauline Kearney
James Kearns
Kathleen G. Kearns
Mari Nancy Kearns
Francis J. Keating Jr.
Michael & Christine Keating
Sheila N. Keator
Edward E. Keefe
Mary Kehler
George & Patricia Kellar
Karen Kelleher
Richard & Barbara Kelleher
Joan Kelley
John H. Kelley
Marilyn Kelley
Anna May Kelliher
Beth Kelly
Carole R. Kelly
Claire M. Kelly
Denise Kelly
Geraldine Kelly
Marilyn Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Peter M. Kelly Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Kelly
Collon Kennedy Jr.
David Kennedy
Eileen M. Kennedy
James & Maureen L. Kennedy
Maureen L. Kennedy
Patricia M. Kennedy
Thomas J. Kennedy
Jeannine Ouellette Kenner
Terrance F. Kenney
Linda Kenny
Peter & Donna Kenny
David & Sharyn Keough
Christine M. Kervick
Kevin Kervick
Joanie M. Keyes
Nancy E. Keyes
Robert J. & Kristen T. Khoury
Thomas & Pamela Kidder
Holly Kieszek
Rev. Philip S. Kiley
Kathleen M. Kilgallen
Paricia A. Killigrew
Charles & Sandra Kimball
William J. Kincaid
Barbara King
Marilyn King
Sandra & Alfred King
Theresa A. King
Thomas & Irene King
Christopher J. Kingston
Anne M. Kinsella-O'Connor
Eunice E. Kirby
Paul Kireyczyk
Deborah A. Roberts Kirk
Lynne L. Klamm
Mary Beth Klee
Kathleen Kluzak
Joanne Knapik
Marjorie V. Knapp
Charles F. Knappe
Virginia M. Kneeland
Jonathan Knight
George & Linda Knightly
Laura A. Knudsen
Amanda Koch
Cynthia Koch
Edward D. Koenig
Roger P. Kohin
Barbara J. Kokoszka
Lucille T. Kolish
Frances P. Kollenz
Mary Ellen Konopka
Maureen H. Kopache
Ann T. Koros
Elizabeth J. Korostynski
Lynn Korza
William A. Korzec
Sheila Kelly Koscher
Kathleen Kosinski
Edward & Michelle Kostek
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kostek
Dawn M. Kostoroski
Thomas & Rose Kotfila
David & Nancy Kowalczyk
Katherine M. Kowalski
Mr. Alexander S. Koziol
Cynthia Koziol
Jeff Koziol
Stella Kozlowski
Karl A. Krassler
Marcella Kratovil
Henry R. Krause
Frances Mary Krauss
Linda Krawiec
Michael Krawiec
John & Mary Jane Kreiger
Karen Kren
John P. Kristek
Anthony J. & Sharon C. Kroker
George J. Krol
Patricia Krol
Elaine R. Krommer
Henry Krowchenko
Carol Krumpholz
Frances V. Krumpholz
Dorine & Ken Kubik
Kathy & Tom Kucab
Ann M. Kuhn
Kevin & Edna Kuliga
Joanne Kurposka
Mary S. Kwan
Craig R. & Barbara R. LaChapelle
Johanna Labelle
Eileen LaBonte
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick H. LaBonte
William J. LaBonte
Patricia LaBossiere
Nancy LaBrie
Mr. & Mrs. David M. LaBroad
David & Ann LaBroad
Mary K. Labun
Thaddeus M. Lachtara
Norman J. Ladabouche Jr.
Arthur & Jean Lafave
Gerard R. Laferrier
Theresa D. Laflam
Donna LaFlamme
Jane Lafleche
Arm& P. LaFleur
Richard Joseph Lafond Jr.
Barbara A. LaFountain
Cynthia A. LaFountain
Mark Lahey
David LaJeunesse
Francis S. Lajeunesse
Marie Lillian Lake
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lakota
Johanna L. Lamb
Mr. & Mrs. Claude D. Lambert
Henry & Ellen Lamontagne
Karen LaMorder
Alice Lamothe-Roy
Ann Lancia
Edward T. Landers
Thomas F. Landers
Linda A. & Veronica Landry
Nancy Landry
Susan Landry
Concetta Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Langlais
Jacqueline Langlois
Ellis L. Langone
Mary Langone
Regina F. Lankin
Denis & Linda Lankowski
Janet Lanoue
Doanld R. LaPalme
Richard LaPalme
Brother Louis Laperle
Elizabeth Betty LaPierre
Elizabeth Lapointe
Robert & Maureen Laramee
Pauline J. Lareau
Elizabeth Larivee
Peter Larkin
Audrey Laroche
Leo F. LaRoche
Larry & Lynn Larrabee
Norman H. Lash
Francis & Katherine Lasko
Mrs. F. Joseph Lastowski
Nicole F. Lathey
Lauraine Y. Laurence
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lausier
Nancy Lavallee
Richard & Mary Ellen LaValley
Yolanda LaValley
Philip M. Lavelle
Tillie Laverdiere
Donna Lavigne
Raymond & Casimira Lavigne
Connie Lavoie
Peggy Lavoie
Raymond H. Lavoie
Mr. & Mrs. James & Virginia Lawless
James Lawrence
Steven & Suzanne Lawson
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Layden
Leonard & Alice Lazure
R. Paula Lazzari
Mary Catherine Leahy
William & Jodine Leahy
Robert & Carolyn LeBlanc
Thelma T. LeBlond
Nancy L. Lech
Georgia E. LeClair
Julie Ann LeClair
Roland & Diane LeClair
Bridget T. LeClaire
Frances M. Leclerc
Clorinda Marro Leddy
Diane M. LeDoux
Robert & Elaine Lee
Mr. & Mrs. Armand Lefebvre
Edith M. LeFebvre
Patricia J. LeFebvre
Laura M. Leger
Arthur Lemieux
Therese D. Lemieux
James N. Lemoine
Irene Lempke
Joan Lennox
Ann Lentini
Debbie Lentner
Thomas Lenz
Donald Leonard
Melanie Leonard
Barbara Leone
Leo & Angelina Leone
Nancy M. Leone
Amy E. Lepak
Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Lepper
Joan Leser
Lois L'Esperance
Paul & Lynn Lessard
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lesure
Patrick Leveille
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Leveille
Sandra M. Levesque
Dr.& Mrs. Andrew S. Levin
Joseph R. Levin
Robert & Regina Levine
Bob & Nancy Lewis
Donna P. Lewis
Johanna M. Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Lewis
Phyllis Lewis
Sarah E. Lewis
Susan R. Lewis
Bernard & Nancy Lewitt
Edith Ley
Donna Liamis
Martha Liamos
Karen Libiecki
Judith A. Lichwan
Mary & Stephen Ligenza
Margaret Lillie
Delfin T. Limtao
Scott E. Lincourt
Marian Linden
Rosemary Lindsey
Alice L. Lindstrom
Peter J. Lingua
Anthony J. Liquori Jr.
Diana V. Liscinsky
John & Stacy Liscinsky
Mary E. Lizee
Jose Llevada
David Lloyd
Judy Lloyd
L.G. Lloyd Jr.
Ronald Lodi
William P. Loftus Jr.
Dr.& Mrs. Arthur J. Logan Jr.
Katherine Logan
Kelley A. Logan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Logan
Patricia Lombardo
Eleanor J. Long
Mary Jane Long
Steve & Elina Long Jr.
Barbara Loos
Teresa Lopardo
Jeremy & Mary Lord
Michael W. & Shirley S. Lord
Raymond E. Lord
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Lorenzatti
Richard & Barbara M. Louison
Hallie A. Lovett
Tom & Barbara Lozen
Doris Lubas
Ann Marie Lucas
Jacqueline A. Lucas
Lorinda Luce
Mr. & Mrs. James Lucey
Janina Luczek
Virginia Luistro
Ceil Lukas
Irma Luna-Cartagena
Barbara Lundrigan-Hatzipetro
Joan T. Lundy
Patricia Luque
Ann S. Lynch
Bernice A. Lynch
Christopher Lynch
David M. Lynch
Francis J. Lynch
John M. Lynch
Mary E. Lynch
Raymond F. Lynch
Robert P. Lynch
Robert B. Lynch
Marlene D. Lynds
Eileen M. Lynskey
George V. Lyons
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Lyons
Michael Lyons
William & Maryann Lyons
Allan G. MacDonald
Mr Lionel R. MacDonald
Wayne M. MacDonald
Michael & Anne MacGregor
Michael P. Machietto
Grace Maciolek
Rosemary MacKay
Julie Mackeil
Diane Mackey
Jennifer Mackey
Nancy Mackson
Maureen Madden
Rocco J. Maggiotto
Teresa C. Maginnis
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Magnacca Jr.
Orlando R. Magnifico
Cynthia Chmura Magruder
Charles M. Maguire
Daniel C. Maguire
James F. Maguire
Sheila Mahan
Deborah Mahar
Maureen Mahar
Charlene & Bill Mahoney
John T. Mahoney
Mary Mahoney
Paul J. Mahoney
Judith Maiolo
Deborah Maisonave
John A. Majane
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Malachowski
Maureen Malaspina
Paul M. Maleck
Randy Malek
Monica Maletta
Mary F. Malinski
Louise Coccia Malise
Mary Ellen Malley
Thomas Mallinger
David M. Maloney
Edward J. & Katherine B. Maloney
Mary Ann G. Maloney
Peter M. Maloney
Christine Maloney-Sieger
Cynthia J. Maloni
A. Robert & Jeanne L. Mandeville
Ann Marie Mandeville
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Mandeville
Mervert L. Manfredi
Alice M. Manica
Michael J. Manley
Susan Manning
Frances A. Mantha
Ellen M. Mantolesky
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Marandola
William K. March
Carol Marchand
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Marchisotto
Susan A. Marciniak
Beverly & William Marcoux
Catherine Marcum
Jim Marcus
Phyllis P. Marganoff
Julie Margdis
Anna Marino
Raymond J. Marion
Theresa E. Marion
Windella Marion
Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Markett Jr.
Jennifer & Patrick Markey
Pauline Marney
Richard W. Maroney
Cheryl Marrena
Marilyn Marrion
Anthony & Jacqueline Marro
Maryellen Marsh
Rosanne Marsh
David Martell
Betty A. Martenson
Ann Martin
Ed Martin
Frances J. Martin
Margaret Martin
Michael & Kathleen Martin
Phyllis Martin
Robert F. Martin
Thomas J. Martin
Mary Martinez
Frank Marzano
Anthony J. Mascaro Jr..
Jo Ann Maselli
William & Kathleen Masi
Lois A. Mason
Ellen R. Massa
Philip P. Massad
Bogdan A. Mastalerz
Nancy Masterson
Margaret M. Mastroianni
Mary P. Matejczyk
Mary Jane Mathers
Margaret & Thomas Mathews
Monica Mathie
Helen M. Mathieu
Douglas Mathis
Peter Mathisen
Edmund J. Matko
Judith A. Matt
Jean F. Matte
Joseph Matte
Gerard Matthews
Helena D. Matthews
Alice W. Maybury
Mr. & Mrs. Leon J Maynard
Linda W. Mayorchak
Nancy & Paul Mazut
Richard Mazyck
Robert & Mary Mazzaniello
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Mazzeo
Linda R. Mazzoni
Mildred A. Mazzu
Patricia McAndrew
Colette McBride
Leslie McBride
Marylin A. McBride
Susan McCabe
Frank & Rita McCaffrey
Patricia J. McCarron
Donald & Paula McCarthy
Dottie McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
James F. McCarthy Jr.
James D. McCarthy
Mary Ellen McCarthy
Paul J. McCarthy
Phillip C. Mccarthy
Rhea McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCarthy
Judith C. McChesney
Robert P. & Janet M. McClallen
Clyde McClelland
Kathleen McClure
Edward A. McColgan
Joseph A. McConville
Michael & Dawn McCormack
Ann McCormick
Jeffrey H. McCormick
Jeffrey & Linda McCormick
Evelyn J. McCoy
William McCoy
Eleanor McCrea
Lisa C. McCrystal-Moulton
Ed & Brenda McDade
James D. McDarby
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McDermott
Catherine McDonagh
Ann McDonald
Helen O. McDonald
Patricia E. McDonald
Loyola P. McDonough
Laura McDowell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. McDowell
Jane McElhaney
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. McGarry
Donna McGee
Patricia E. McGee
Ann M. McGill
John A. McGinnis Sr.
Shaun & Holly McGinty
Vilma F. McGinty
David L. & Susanne G. McGlynn
James & Susan McGough
Geraldine McGovern
Courtney McGrath
David H. McGrath
Joan M. & Richard A. McGrath
Michael C. McGrath
Barbara J. McGuire
Joan P. McGuirk
Diane J. McKain
Daniel McKay
Kathleen McKay
Robert P. McKee
Eugene & Mary McKenna
Anne S. McKenzie
Earl P. McLaren
Mr.& Mrs. John F. McLaughlin Jr.
Trina McLaughlin
John L. McLean
Marilyn A. McLean
Catherine A. McMahon
Kathleen McMahon
Lorraine N. McMahon
Margaret A. McMahon
Margaret M. McMahon
Mary A. McMahon
W. Patricia McMahon
Kathleen McManus
Sally McManus
Margaret F. McMenemy
Carol A. McMinn
Michael McMullen
Anna McNally
Richard F. McNamara
Robert & Linda McNeice
Douglas & Margaret McNeish
William McQuade
Michael J. McTygue
Nancy McVay
Patricia M. Meade
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Meade
Marilyn C. Meagher
Bill & Barbara Meckel
Jamie Medeiros
Marygrace Meier
Jason Melaragno
Michelle Mellace
John & Suzanne Mello
James W. Melloni
Patricia Melrose
Samia Menassa
James P. & Eileen T. Mendrek
Rev. Mark Mengel
Kristen Menhall
Linda & John Mentor
Patricia & Edward Meon
Ginoe & Judy Mercadantes
Philippa B. Merchand
Kristine Mercier
Sharon Mercier
Mary Ann Merkle
Anthony Merolla
Frances Merski
Mary Ellen Mesale
Harold Meschke
Linda M. Meskun
Mark & Nancy Meszaros
Antoinette Methe
Linda M. Methe
Edwin F. Metivier
Martin Metzger
Hubert G. Meunier
Paul & Barbara Meunier
Peter L. Meunier
Edward Meyer
Doreen Micali
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Michnovetz
John L. Michon
Edward W. Mickelson
Joan Middleton
Michael & Patricia Midura
Walter Miffitt
John P. Miglis
John Mihalchick
Ronald Milauskas
Judith Miles
Helen Miller
Mary T. Milligan
Maria Mills
Jane & Peter Milnes
Rosemary Minhas
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Minimi
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Mirynowski
Richard Misiaszek
JoAnn Misseri
Caitlin Mitchell
Howard D. Mitchell
Pam & Tom Mitchell
Robert & June E. Mitrowski
Frank Mizikar
Paul D. Mlotoko
Albert & Janice Moccio
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Moccio
Mary A. Molloy
Charles Momnie
Joan M. Monroe
Anne Camille Montes
David & Ann Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Garrett R. Moore
James & Mary Moore
Jennifer Moore
Robert J. Moore
Loo & Una Morabito
Barbara Moran
Mr. & Mrs. James Moran
John Moran Jr.
Rosemary Hanford Moran
William F. Moran
Carmella Moretti
Donna M. Morgan
Glenn & Betsy Morgan
Joan C. Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh F. Moriarty
Jennifer Moriarty
Katherine Moriarty
Kathleen M. Moriarty
Marie G. Moriarty
Melissa A. Moriarty
Patrick T. Moriarty
John L. Morin
Patricia A. Morin
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Morin
Rose-Marie K. Morin
Liliian Morisset
Bob & Joyce Morissette
Melissa M. Morneau
Kirk Morrison
Caroline H. Morrissey
Craig Morrissey
Jason & Christine Morrissey
Patrick Morrissey
Claudette Morse
Kathleen Mortimer
Florence G. Morton
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Moscatello
Mathew Motroni
James Moughan
Fay Moulton
Maria Moulton
Kay Mowatt
Robert H. Mowatt III
Linda Moxley
Dennis & Kathleen Moynihan
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Moynihan
Mark Mozden
Genevieve Mroczek
Kenneth F. Mruk
Robert E. Mulcahey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mulcahy
John & Susan Mullan
Jim & Mari Mullen
Patrick Mulligan
Ann Marie Mulvihill
Margaret Mulvihill
Ronald P. Mumblo
Elizabeth J. Mumford
Margaret Munns
James J. Murdocco
Barbara L. Murphy
Barbara A. Murphy
Christine Murphy
Dennis F. Murphy Jr.
Ellen M. Murphy
Gerald F. Murphy
Hugh A. Murphy
Jacqueline Murphy
James C. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Murphy
James & Patricia Murphy
James F. & Dianne Murphy
Jim & Martha Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Murphy Jr.
Kevin & Kathy Murphy
Laurie K. Murphy
Maria Murphy
Michael J. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Murphy
Patricia A. Murphy
Scott Murphy
Sylvester T. Murphy
Viviane Murphy
Doris Murray
Ernest & Mary Murray
Generosa Murray
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Murray Jr.
Jean C. Murray
Kathleen N. Murray
Martin & Joan Murray
Paula Murray
Robert Murray
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas V. Murray Sr.
Thelma Muscaro
Joseph Muscatello
Ralph F. Musella
Edith Myers
Marguerite Myers-Killeen
John Nachmann
Nancy Nadeau
Paul A. Nadeau
Thomas Nadeau
Laura Najimy
Theresa M. Nallett
Rev. Joseph Nally
William Nanartonis
Dominic J. Nardi
Jerry S. Nardi
Blane Nasveschuck
Winifred Natale
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Nault
Thomas Navin
Judith Nawoj
Samuel Neale
Anne M. Nealley
Rita Nealon
Mary Neilan
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Neill
Tom & Margaret Neill
Peter J. Nero
Darlene M. Netcoh
Luisa Neves-Jarrett
Anne C. Nevins
New Spirit
Lori Newell
Elizabeth K. Newman
Paul A. Nicholson
Jacqueline F. Nimmons
Arlene S. Noe
Barbara Nokes
Donald R. Nokes
Christine A. Nolan
Nancy Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. Philip F. Nolan Jr.
Frank B. Noonan
Sandra J. Noonan
Timothy Noonan
Gilbert & Debbie Normand
Joseph M. Normand
David & Dorothy Northup
Susan E. Norton
Richard W. Norton
Mr.& Mrs. John Notsley
Nancy M. Notte
Catherine T. Novick
Bernard Novotney
Joseph Novotny
Ingrid Nowak
Robert J. Nowakowski
Catherine J. Nugent
Kacey Ober
Deacon Ralph O'Bleness
David & Gail O'Brien
Dorothy E. O'Brien
Joseph & Kathleen O'Brien
Margaret E. O'Brien
Mary L. O'Brien
Maureen O'Brien
Patrick M. O'Brien
Robert O'Brien
Robert M. O'Brien
Ronald R. O'Brien
Thomas J. O'Brien
Walter M. & Linda C. O'Brien
A. Thomas O'Callaghan
Linda Ochs
Ann C. O'Connell
Daniel O'Connell
James F. & Sandra G. O'Connell
M. Estelle O'Connell
Maryjane O'Connell
Michael A. O'Connell
Richard A. & Nancy O'Connell
Barbara A. O'Connor
Barry O. O'Connor
Donald R. O'Connor
Edward J. & Christine M. O'Connor
John F. O'Connor
Kathryn A. O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor
Marie O'Connor
Maurice & Annette O'Connor
Philomena R. O'Connor
Robert E. O'Connor
Roderick J. O'Connor
Mary Oczechowski
John Paul Odlum
Martin P. O'Donnell
Susan O'Donnell
Jane D. O'Donoghue
Joseph Oftring
Philip & Sandra Ogiba
Eileen O'Grady
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. O'Grady
George M. O'Hagan
Sheila & Daniel O'Hara
Joseph O'Hare
Carl Ohlin
Mary Ojala
John G. O'Keefe
Theresa A. O'Keefe
Ann M. O'Leary
Stephen J. Oleksak
John F. Oliva
Christopher J. Ollari
Chester & Carole Olson
Sharon E. Olson
Jennifer O'Malley
Kevin E. Omland
Frances C. O'Neil
James W. O'Neil
Joseph O'Neil
Thomas C. O'Neil
Tricia O'Neil
Joan O'Neill
Paul W. O'Neill
Robert O'Neill
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Onofrey
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P. Oparowski
Maria O'Reilly
Mr. & Mrs. William M. O'Riordan
Robert M. Ormsby
Jean S. O'Rourke
Myra Ann O'Rourke
William A. O'Rourke
Beauchamp & O'Rourke Inc.
Brigid Bannan Ortiz
John J. O'Shaughnessy Jr.
Marie F. O'Shaughnessy
Michael C. O'Shea
Michael J. O'Shea
Jason Ostrander
Michael O'Sullivan
Bernard Ott
Adrian R. Ouellette
Ronald H. Ouellette
Anne Ouimet
Denis & Janice Ouimette
John L. Overmann Jr.
Joanna Owczagek
Joan Owczarski
Robert K. Owens
Jason & Jasmine Paadam
Leonard Pacek
Mr. & Mrs. Lee E. Packard
Nicholas Paganella
Rose Page
Linda Palano-Schilling
Paul V. Paleologopoulos
Sandra Pallotta
George Palmere
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Palomba
Peter & Diane Pannesco
Paula Paoli
Elizabeth Pappas
Daniel Paquette
Thomas G. & Terry Paquin
Conrad L. Pare
Diane M. Parent
Thomas Parent
Karen Pariseau
Patricia A. Parizoi
Francis K. Parker
Dorothy Parks
Jane Parrillo
Diane Parsons
John S. & Patricia J. Parsons
Kenneth & Sanda Parsons
Amy & Mike Pasini
Barbara D. Pastie
Janice P. Pastuszak
Arm& F. Patnaude
Robert J. Patrick
Kathryn M. Patterson
William & Joan Patterson
Denise Paul
Roger A. Paul
Robert J. Paulmann
Debra M. Paulson
Deborah Pavlica
Diane & John Pawlusiak
Joseph Pawlusiak
Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Payant Jr.
Ned & Christine Pearce
David R Pearson
Amy Peckner
Ronald O. Pederzani
Paul Rannenberg & Peggy Tillson
Dr.& Mrs. Joseph P. Peltier
Lynn Peltier
Margaret M. Peltola
Richard C. Pembroke Sr.
Gregory P. & Joanne Pencak
Margaret Pendergast
James & Cheryl Penna
Robert & Andrea Pensivy
Carol A. Pepe
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Pepin
Rosalba Perez
Mary Joan Peronto
Joyce L. Perosino
Elizabeth Perras
Jane K Perras
Lavina L. Perri
Anita M. Perry
Ann Perry
Catherine C. Perry
Lynn M. Perry
Pamela Perry
Stephen F. Perry
Maryellen V. Pescetta-Donovan
Clifford S. Peters
Gary L. Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Peters
Linda Peters
Lorraine S. Peters
Richard J. Petersen
Art J. Peterson
Peter V. & Jane V. Peterson
Paul R. Petit
Theodora Petrelis
Catherine L. Petrics
Jeff Petrie
John Petrilli
Harry Petrolati
Peg Pettico
Tom Petty
Ada T. Pezzetti
Carl J. Pfadt
Paul Phaneuf
Roseann Pharmer
Moira A. Phelps
Patricia Philbin
Mary A. Phillips
Mary Katherine Phillips
Raymond Piaggi
Cecilia Piela
Anita J. Pierce
Mildred C. Pierce
Shriley A. Piermarini
Grace Pietrogallo
Chester F. Pietrzak
John C. Pietrzykowski Sr.
Bernard R. Pigeon
Patricia Pigott
Helen Pilon
Philip Pin
Jerelyn Pinkham
Michele F. Pirog
John A. Pisanelli
Lawrence & Elizabeth Pisano
Barbara G. Piscopo
Phillip J. Pitoniak
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick N. Pitzer
Mary Jo Place
Janet Plasse
Mr. & Mrs. John Platosz
Thomas Plourde
Maria Podgurski
George E. Podmore Jr.
Sebastian P. Polizzi
Christina A. Ponton
Frances A. Popko
Susan Porter
Otto J. Postl
Bret Potter
Edward F. Potyrala
Daniel J. & Anne M. Pouliot
Russell Powell
Christine Powers
James Powers
James W. Powers
Sylvia A. Powers
Martha Pratico
James E. Pratt
John Pratt
Marie Pratt
Merle Preedom
Shirley Prejzner
Mary Ann Preston
Nancy C. Prezenik
Catherine C. & Stephen L. Priest
Dianne Prince
Victoria Prince
Louis G. Principe
Donna Prisby
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Procopio
Anne D. Proctor
Gerard D. Proulx
Wayne Proulx
Rev. Ronald D. Provost
Tom & Beth Provost
Deacon David P. Przybylowski
Dr. & Mrs. Felix Puccio
Nicolina A Puccio
William Pugliese
Maria Puno-Dantonio
Louise A. Puza
Paula V. Puzzo
Richard Puzzo
Lillian P. Pytel
Ruth & Ted Pytko
Bernadette A. Queen
Carl J. Quick
Adelene Quigley
Mary Quill
Mr. & Mrs. David Quinlan
Cheryl Quinn
Francis J. Quinn
John Quinn Jr.
Teddy O. Quirk
Timothy J. & Susan Rabbitt
Thomas Race
Mary Pat Racicot
Mr. & Mrs. Roland J. Racine
Toni Raczkowski
John Radner
Winifred Raffaele
Annette A. Rafferty
Margaret A. Rafter
Charles Rainero
Elaine Rakouskas
George & Annalee Ramirez
Mary Randall
Mary A. Randell
Maureen T. Rawding
Marie A. Ray
Richard & Kathleen Raymond
Ann Reale
Donald J. Reardon
Katharine K. Reardon
Tamara Reardon
Patricia A. Recchia
James M. & Elizabeth B. Reddy
Eileen D. Redmond
Francis X. Reed
Nancy E. Reese
Maureen Regan
Patricia A. Regan
Jennifer Reid
E. Anne Reilley
Michael R. Reilly
Gail Herbert Reiner
Mary Reitz
Lisa M. Remillard
Jeffrey L. Reopell
Pamela Reponen
Olga Restrepo
Michael J. Rewinski
Lisa M. Rhoades
Mr. Alfred H. Riberdy
Mr. & Mrs Richard A. Ricci
Anthony T. Rice
Todd Richard
Anthony J. Richards
Paul & Victoria Richards
Joan M. Richardson
Stephen H. & Cynthia A. Richardson
Sally & Alan Richotte
Anthony J. Ricupero
Ronald & Martha Rideout
Fr. George J. Ridick III
Joan P. Rigali
Phyllis A. Rigazio
Laurence Rinaldi
Diane & David Ring
Mary E. Riordan
Jose & Mary Rivera
Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Rivers
Evelyn Rivet
Kathryn Rivet
Karen A. Riviello
Edward F. Rizy
Silvia M. Rizzardi
James Vincent Rizzo
Margaret E. Roache
Gertrude Robak
Martha L. Robare
Rebecca Robare
Pamela M. Robbins
Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Robert Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Roberts
Deborah A. Roberts
Geraldine A. Roberts
Lawrence Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Roberts
Theresa Y. Roberts
Helene Robillard
Harold L. Robinson III
Jennie Robitaille
Francine Roche
Denise Rock
Joel S. & Mary Rodowicz
Dorothy Rogalski
Paul Rogers
Kathleen Rohr
Alice Rolland
Carol Halgas Romaniak
Daniella Romano
Donald F. & Therese C. Romano
Elizabeth Romano
Frank A. Romanowicz Jr.
Grace M. Romanowski
Leo & Anne Marie Romanus
Barbara A. Rondeau
Frances Rondeau
Marilyn E. Rondeau
James Rood
Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Rooke
Mary & Leonard Rooke Jr.
James D. Rooney
Jeanne Rooney
Richard & Joyce Root
Irene F. Ropelewski
Mr. & Mrs. Roy G. Roper
Judith Roscioli
Lynn & Chuck Rose
Marianne Rosenburg
Alice E. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Ross Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Ross
Mary E. Rossiter
Guido & Laura Rotella
Helena Rousseau
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Rovatti
Smith T. Rovelli
Earl & Diana Roy
Henry Roy
Michael J. Roy
Pat Roy
Robert A. Roy
Rosemary Rozak
Mary Lou Rubino
Elaine Rud
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rugani
Gloria M. Ruggiero
Thomas E. Runfola
Michael J. Russell
Mr. Alphonse F. Russo Jr.
Judy Rutelonis
Cecile Ruyffelaert
Bruce A. Ryan Sr.
Carol M. Ryan
Georgian Ryan
Joan M. Ryan
Joseph W. Ryan
Mary Beth Ryan
Mary C. Ryan
Patricia L. Ryan
Terry & Frances Ryan
Marie A. Ryan-Brackett
Pauline Ryba
Dolores A. Sabatini
Anthony & Kathleen Sabonis
Angelo M. Saccia
Ellen Safford
Mary Jo & Howard Safford
Leo R. Sagan Jr.
Bronislaw Sajdak
Elaine Sakellis
Charles Salem
Charles & Priscilla Salem
Lucille Salisbury
Joseph Martin & Patricia A. Salvadore
Lorraine M. Salvas
Kate Salvetti
Michael Samolewicz
Arline Sande
Lorraine Santarpia
Bernice T. Santoro
Lauren Santos
Thomas S. Santos
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Sapia
Gaetane Sargent
Domenic J. Sarno
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Satkowski
Robert Satton
Stephen Saunders
Margaret M. Savage
Colette M. Savaria
Jean Sawicki
Jacquelyn M. Sawin
Shirley Scanlon
Mary E. Scannell
Mary Scannell
Matthew & Melissa Scarafoni
Joyce M. Scarey
Catherine E. Scavone
Susan Schenck
Mary G. Scherpa
Nicholas Schiavone
Alma Schilling
Michael Schirripa Sr.
Jeanne Schmelzenbach
Marion V. Schmidt
Charles Schmitt
Carol Schmittlein
Virginia E. Schnabel
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Schnepp Jr.
Class School
Richard D.C. Schrade Jr.
Rita Schrank
James R. Schumacher
Rudolph Schutz
Andrew Scibelli
Edmund Scipione
Jane A. Scory
Margaret M. Scully
Richard A. Scully
Mr.& Mrs. Louis Scungio
William J. Scurio Sr.
Monika Sealy
Kevin M. Sears
Patrick & Carolyn Sears
Regina Sears
William P. & Joan M. Sears
Milton W. Seaver
John & Elizabeth Sedlak
Ann M. Seeley
Elizabeth A. Senay
Mr. & Mrs. Donald V. Senecal
John Serafino
Leona Serafino
Michael Serduck
Patricia Serra
Robert Serra
Mary E. Settle
Kathryn A. Seward
Martha S. Sexton
Peter J. Shadwell
Suzanne & Brayton Shanley
Helen D. Shannahan
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Shannon
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Shappy Sr.
Richard & Laurie Sharac
Timothy Sharac
Jane M. Shaw
Mary Ellen Shaw
Anne T. Shea
Bill & Sandy Shea
Bryan P. Shea
Carol M. Shea
Delia Shea
Howard J. Shea
John J. Shea
John E. Shea
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Shea
Katelynn Shea
Kathleen Shea
Margaret Ann Shea
Mary Jane Shea
Matthew J. Shea
Paul Shea
Robert P. Shea
Marie Sheaffer
John J. Sheehan
Madelyn & William Sheehan
Richard T. Sheehan
Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Sheehan
Elaine F. Sheild
Robin Sheldon
Donna Shelley-Baumler
Robert P. Shepardson
Agatha A. Shepherd
Elizabeth A. Sheridan
Rev. Msgr. Michael A. Shershanovich
Klaus & Linda Shigley
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Shine Jr.
Judith Shirley
Mr. & Mrs. James Shugna Jr.
Richard E. Shum
David & Carol Signet
Sheila Marlowe Silsby
Barry J. Silva
David Silva
Jimmy Simmons
Susan M. Simon
Carol A. Simonds
Janet C. Simonds
Charles & Mary Simonich
Nancy S. Simpson
Mella Singleton
Stephen G. Sireci
Tom Skala
Richard & Felicia Skowyra
Mr.& Mrs. John Skumin
Joan A. Skypeck
Patricia Slade
Carol Slasinski
Paul Slater
Maura Slattery
Charlie & Janice Smith
Eleanor Gail Smith
Francis Dennis Smith
James Smith
Kathleen M. Smith
Ken & Melissa Smith
Lita Smith
Mary Lou Smith
Mary A. Smith
Nancy Lee Smith
Paul J. Smith
Peter Smith
Suzanne Smith
Daniel J. Smola
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Smyk
Barbara Snella
Barbara L. Sniezek
Ellen A. Snyder
Janet & John Socinski
Matt Bud Solano
Patricia Soldato
JoAnn Somers
Melvin & Marilyn Somes
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Sorel
Anne M. Soulia
Millicent Southard
William B. Southerland
Judith M. Souza
Melanie Spahr
Patricia A. Spanswick
Robert J. Spazzarini
Daniel W. Spellacy Sr.
Mary Ann Spencer
Steven & Sheila Spencer
Teresa Spielberger
Joanne Spigarelli
Joanne Spirito
Reginald Springer
Michelle Squires
Diana J. Srebnick
David E. St. John
Judith St. Thomas
J. Richard St.Pierre
Robert J. Stack
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy E. Stacy Jr.
Brendan P. Stafford
Convey Stahl
James & Lisa Stankiewicz
Mary Lou Stankiewicz
Dianne E. Stanko
Bernard Stanley
Margaret Stanley
Mr. & Mrs. John Stansky
Patricia A. Staples
James J. Stapleton
Lynn & Thomas Stapleton
Diane Starkweather
Darlene Stavros
Elizabeth A. Stebbins
Paul Steber
Anna Steele
Jane Edward Steele
Frank G. Stefanelli
Leslie A. Stehle
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Stencel
Philip G. & Marianne T. Stephan
Sueann Stern
Jeanne M. Steuer
Kathleen Stevens-Arvanitis
John C. Stewart
Kathleen Stewart
Nancy Brooks Stewart
Sharon Stewart
Carolyn Stillman
Beth Stinehart
Adele Stock
Evelyn Stockinger
James Stolberg
Jacqueline M. Stpierre
Natalie M. Straley
John Stroiney
Mr. & Mrs. Neal E. Strong
Nancy L. Strouse
Mary Jane Strycharz
Mary Regina Strycharz-Atkins
Theresa A. Subocz
Maryellen Suchecki
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Suchocki
Jonathan & Julie Sudol
Patricia Sulborski
Andrea J. Sullivan
Ann Sullivan
Francis David Sullivan
James Sullivan
John M. Sullivan
John D. Sullivan
Linda J. Sullivan
Martin J. Sullivan
Mary B. Sullivan
Michael B. Sullivan
Michael & Barbara Sullivan
Patricia E. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Sullivan
Regina A. Sullivan
Stephen Sullivan
Timothy J. Sullivan
Timothy & Patricia Sullivan
William M. & Claire Sullivan Sr.
William Sullivan Jr.
Warren & Susan Sumner
Charlotte Sutherland
Catherine Sutherland
Frank Sutton
Gregory K. Swanson
Ann C. Sweeney
Rose Ellen Sweeney
Timothy Sweeney
Marie Swift
Joseph P. Sypek
Richard A. & Catherine M. Sypek
William L. Szalankiewicz Jr.
Ronald Szarian
Lycia Szarlan-Baltrush
Fred Szczepanek
Carole Szlachetka
Susan Szpila
Robert S. Szukala
Carol C. Szymanski
Denise & Robert Taff
Mary T. Talarico
Michael J. Talbot
Robert A. Talerman
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Talis
Patricia & Peter Tamulis
Mary Ellen Tamulonis
Chita Tandiama
Erin & Paul Tassinari
Noreen P. Tassinari
Elizabeth Tatro
Sandra A. Tatro
James & Mariam F Taupier
Colin & Arlene Taylor
Robert J. Teichert
Mark Templeton
Thomas A. & Helen D. Terenzini
Dorothy F. Terino
Andre Tessier
Terri J. Testani
Janet Tetreault
Joan Theroux
Beverly K. Thiel
Jacqueline Thomas
Richard S. Thomas
William & Helen Thomas
Carol Ann Thompson
Claire & Michael Thompson
David & Christine Thompson
Edward Thompson
Marilyn Thompson
Therese Thornock
Marguerite & Murray Thornton
Kevin Thorpe
Angela Tiago
Frederick P. Tiberii
Patricia A. Tiberio
James E. Tierney
John & Carol Tierney
Peter J. & Frances Tierney
Jean Tillman
Jeann M. Tobin
Maureen C. Tobin
Joan Tomasiello
Judith B. Tomaso
Daniel Tomassetti
Ralph & Sandra Tomei
Donald Tondreault
Thomas J. Tonelli
William & Caroline Toner
Kathleen Ward Tonis
Alice J. Toohey
Donald J. Toohey
Mary C. Toohey
Ellen R. Toole
Mary M. Toole
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tooley
Daniel & Patricia Toomey
Joseph & Odette N. Toomey
Sheila Toomey
Violet G. Torchia
Sharon Tornow
Robert Tortolani
Douglas B. Tower
William A. & Helene Towsley
Maureen Tracy
William & Theresa Trainor
Tom & Barbara Trant
Dominick Trapani
Rosanne Trapani
Alice B. Trask
Isabelle U. Travaglini
Barbara A. Travers
Mary Traversa
Mark Treanor
Patricia A. Trehey
Patricia Trela
James J. & Susan Trelease
James & Maryellen Tremblay
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Triggs
Sydnee V. Trinceri
Linda Troester
Ernie J. Troie
Theresa A. Trombley
Paul A. Trottier
Diane Troy
Philip L. Trudeau
Thomas J. Trudell
Michael True
Linda M. Tryba
Ann Trytko
Chris & Suzanne Tubone
M. Elaine Tull
Pamela Tully
Gilles E. & Anne Turcotte
Cathy Turner
Dorothy A. Tuttle
Lory Tuyco
Eileen F. Twomey
Jeri-Anne Tyl
Barbara C. Tysz
Richard & Jeanne B. Udas
Joan M. Urbanski
Elaine Valdez
Carmine Valente
Chiarina G. Valente
Frank Valente
Nancy J. Valente
Thomas S. Valente
Philip Valley
Donna Valliere
Barbara Van Alstine
Yolande Van de Voorn-Leahy
Barth Vanderels
Patricia Swift Vareschi
Mr. & Mrs. John Vdovjak
Jeannette Veinot
Frank & Cathy Vellaccio
Judith Verdini
John C. Verducci III
George J. Vermette
Mary L. Viamari
Roy L. Viens
Anthony & Debra Vigna
Ronald J. Vigneault
Chris Vignoe
Marie T. Villeneuve
Jacqueline Vincelette
Jeanette Vincelette
Sherril Vishaway
Bruna M. Vivori
Kathleen May Voigt
Frances Volpe
Anthony J. Vosburgh
George Vumbaca
Norma Wadwitz
Lillian Wage
Joseph Wagner
Regina Wagner
Joanne Waidlich
Patricia A. Walker
Deena Wallace
Judy M. Wallace
Richard & Sandra Wallis
Claudia H. Walsh
Msgr. Francis E. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Walsh
Lucille T. Walsh
Rev. Raymond D. Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Walsh Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Walsh
Lori & Bill Walton
Louise Walton
Thomas A. Walz
Carol & Michael Waniewski
Kurt C. Ward
Elizabeth A. Ware
Daniel & Mary Warwick
Audrey Waterhouse
Anne H. Watson
Christina M. Watson
Mary K. Weaver
Jamie Webb
Barbara Turcotte Weene
Joseph W. Weibel
Elizabeth & Robert Weinman
Elizabeth E. Weiss
Johanna Julie Welch
John V. Welch
Margo Welch
Phyllis A. Weltz
Maureen L. Welz
Julie Werher
Joan Westerman
Therese Wheatley
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wheeler
Mary E. Wheeler
Lisa Gatti Whelan
Annette Whitcomb
James T. White
Judy White
Marilyn White
Maryellen White
Meghan White
James P. Whitman
Matthew Whitney
Mary Wicker
Maria Wieckowski
Elizabeth Wilda
Joan Wilkinson
Marilyn Willand
Joan C. Willard
Mary D. Willard
Helen Willemain
Ralph P. Willett
Judy Williams
Kathleen Williams
Michael P. Williams
Theodore Williams
George Williamson
Amy Wilson
Elizabeth Winfield
Christopher Wing
John B & Margaret Wing
Eugene B. & Karen Winkler
James & Paula Ann Winn
Margaret S. Winn
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Winters
Joan Wise
Patricia A. Wise
Joanne & Tom Wisniewski
Linda Wisniowski
Walter Wisniowski
Patricia A. Wojcik
Wanda C. Wojtaszek
Joann Wolosz
Theresa P. Wong
Ellen Woo
Anthony C. Wood
John R. Wood Jr.
Rita M. Wood
Theresa Wood
William B. Wood
Bernard M. Woods
David F. Woods
Elizabeth A. Woods
Kathleen A. & Donald R. Woods
Kelly Woods
Linda J. Woods
Mary E. Woods
Hugh & Melissa Worden
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wozniak
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Wright
Louis J. Wroblewski
Margaret Wyckoff
Thomas & Alice Wylie
Ann E. Wyllie
Ivy Wyzga
Rebecca Yannone
Ann Yenian
Suzanne Yeskevicz
Ann K. Yesu
Theresa Yesu
Donna Young
Mary & David Young
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Young
Ralph W. Young
Robert C. Young
Robert L. Young
Rev. Maureen Young-Manns
Bette Yourous-Blanchard
Vincent Yurkunas
Karalee Yvon
Theodore M. Zabawa
Beatrice Zaccari
Mary L. Zagrany
Carole C. Zakrzewski
Barbara Zalewa
Mary M. Zamorski
Margaret R. Zarek
Stephen Zawada
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Zawalick
John & Anne Zawistoski
Josephine Zeigler
Linda Zera
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Zieja
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Ziemba
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Zimmerman
Laura K. Zink
Deacon & Mrs. Bruce Ziter
Anita C. Zolb
David G. Zsido
Peter R. Zucco
Walter Zuchara Jr.
Mary F. Zullo
John J. Zwisler

(this list current as of Feb. 1, 2017)

*Dearly departed