Friends of the Sisters of St. Joseph


Introducing The Friends of the Sisters of St. Joseph of SpringfieldInc., a nonprofit organization started in 2017 following the successful campaign that raised $8 million to support the Sisters in retirement. The Friends was established specifically to provide the structure for soliciting and managing grants and planned gifts for the future, typically bequests through Wills or Revocable Living Trusts.

Guided by a Board comprised of members of the Congregation and lay Trustees, these legacy gifts will be managed with a strong focus on long term growth. They will be
closely monitored, invested and reinvested for the future use of the Congregation. 

Our goal is to provide care and support to the Sisters during their retirement years, given any potential economic downturn, and to continue the SSJ mission of uniting neighbor with neighbor and neighbor with God, so that all will be one.

The Sisters have devoted their lives to providing an exemplary, affordable education to our children and helping “the dear neighbor” with their most urgent needs. To support the Sisters and honor their mission, we hope that you will consider planning a legacy gift in honor of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield. Thank you!


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For additional information, please contact:
Karen Hoke, Executive Director, Friends of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield
413-271-7573 or